Stopping in Kentucky

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Lexington, KY.  Sunday.

Sunday, Baruch spoke at a large congregation in Lexington, KY.  There is a core of LoveIsrael supporters there who love the Word and are facilitating  groups of serious students of the Bible.   We were so encouraged to hear about the impact the Scriptures are making in the lives and families of many people.

Hearing these testimonies of G-d working in families and individuals blesses us so much, as we know that G-d speaking to people through His Word transforms lives.

The pastor of the congregation had just returned from taking a group to Israel and is very supportive of Israel and teaches G-d’s work in the End Times and the inclusion of Israel in that time to come.

One does not need to be a great Bible teacher to make an impact.  We know several people who have put together study groups in their homes or congregations, where they watch Baruch’s teaching and then study and learn together.  This is a great way to study a book of the Bible.  Check out our studies on YouTube.  Invite a few friends to commit to studying a book of the Bible together!


Shabbat Shalom! Parashat Lech Lecha


A parting view from Florida.

Baruch and I have now made our way to Kentucky.  There is a slight change in temperature…from the 90s to the 50s!  We look forward to Baruch sharing the Word here.  Be sure to check out the events section of the website to see if we will be near you!

Below is this a short commentary by Baruch on this week’s Torah Portion.  This Parasha begins the life story of Abram (Abraham), the first Patriarch of the Jewish people.

At the end of this week’s Torah portion one learns a very important principle from the life of Abraham. When one studies the life of Abraham, he will quickly learn that he was a man of faith. In this short article I would like to share one of the many benefits there is to being a person of faith. Paul informs the Galatians that the Torah was given 430 years after HaShem’s covenant with Abraham (See Galatians 3:17). Yet Abraham, a man of faith, behaved in a manner that fulfilled the righteousness of the Torah. This should be a reality for all believers as this is what Paul states in Romans 8:4.

The evidence of this is found in the very last verse of this week’s parashah,

And all the men of his house, who were born or who were purchased with money from a gentile were circumcised with him (Ishmael).” Genesis 17:27

This act was totally in compliance with the Torah, for Moses commanded the people during the Passover in Egypt to circumcise all the males of one’s household whether they be born into the family or gentiles who were purchased with money (See Exodus 12:43-50). Hence, Abraham did naturally what was not revealed to the Children of Israel for over 400 years later. This is the outcome of a faith rooted in Messiah and anointed with the Holy Spirit—the believer will express the message of the Torah and its righteousness without a cognitive objective of setting out to observe a particular commandment.  In other words, a true believer who walks in faith will express a new nature which behaves like Yeshua behaved, in obedience to the Torah.

Does this mean believers will observe the letter of the law? No it does not! The text from Romans 8 does not say that a true believer will keep the law following every aspect of the Torah, for example laying tefillin (phylacteries). Rather it says,

That the righteousness of the Torah might be fulfilled in us (believers), who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Romans 8:4

This mean that a true believer may not lay tefillin each morning, but if he walks in obedience to faith he will perform the purpose of Tefillin, which is to remind one to think and behave in light of the word of G-d.

Florida Speaking

Speaking in South and Central Florida.

The past couple of days Baruch has spoken at congregations whose leaders we have known for some time.  We received such a warm welcome and we are so thankful for their support for Love Israel and for their ministries in their communities.  Truly G-d provides ministry opportunities no matter where we live.

One of the principles Baruch taught was that we are to have our desires match up with G-d’s will and then we will receive the desires of our hearts–because then they will be His will.  G-d does not give us the desires of our selfish hearts, but the desires of our heart once it is in line with His will.

We would ask for prayer for a very dear friend of ours’.  Naftali Cohen, a wonderful tour guide from Israel, has suffered a severed heart attack.  You can see him on my previous blog post .

Our tour for April 29 – May 8 is almost full.  We do have another one December 2-11, 2019.  Prayerfully consider joining us for the December tour.

We are flying out this morning to head to Lexington, KY.  Please check out the events section of our website to see if we will be near you!

South Florida

IMG_6270The past couple of days have been busy with speaking here in South Florida.  Baruch has spoken at three different congregations which are all supporters of  We were so blessed and encouraged by the people we met.  We appreciate very much their prayers and support.

We also had several meetings while here in South Florida.   These meetings have produced some great ideas, and networking and growth possibilities.

We also had the opportunity to meet with some long-time friends, which was such a blessing for us.  We’ve known them all for over 25 years and they mean a great deal to us.

Tomorrow we will be making our way to Central Florida, where Baruch will be speaking and we have some more meetings.  Please check out the “events” section of our website for details on the speaking locations and times.

I will also be meeting with some of the coordinators for our upcoming Conference.  They have done so much work to help us and I look forward to finalizing the last few details.


Live Stream

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Shabbat Shalom!  Tomorrow’s Live Stream will be a simulated Live Stream, as Baruch and I are traveling in the States right now.  It will be a continuation in our study of the book of Acts.  Therefore, it is a NEW teaching, as each week always is–whether it is live or a simulated Live Stream.  We do hope you will join us for it, but I will not be able to join the YouTube chat or Facebook.  Blessings!

Shabbat Shalom! Parashat Noach


Have you subscribed?

This week’s Torah portion provokes much discussion and debate amongst believers.  I want to share with you a commentary Baruch wrote on this Torah portion and ask you to prayerfully consider what it means for you in your life.

Baruch writes:  I like controversy, not because I like conflicts, but because controversial subjects cause one to think and hopefully turn to the word of G-d to settle the matter. In this week’s Torah portion, HaShem makes a change in regard to the dietary laws. While Adam and Chavah were in the Garden of Eden it was not permissible for them to eat meat. However it is clear from this week’s parashah that G-d instructed Noah that now it was indeed permissible to eat meat.

Every moving creature which is alive will be for you for food; as the vegetable, I have given to you all.” Genesis 9:3

This verse is beyond all doubt that every type of living creature may be eaten. It was not until much later that Moses received the Torah that restricted the living creatures that could be eaten. Today it is generally accepted that these restrictions known as Kashrut only apply to the Children of Israel. However because Israel was to be a light to the Gentiles, certainly a Gentile that accepted the G-d of Israel would have embraced the Torah and these dietary restrictions. Judaism today rejects that a Gentile who believes in the G-d of Israel should follow the Torah, rather only the laws that related to Noah (both Biblically speaking and additional ones that the Rabbis have added). These laws forbid idolatry, murder, theft, sexual immorality, blasphemy, and eating flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive. The final law is to establish courts of law.

Although there is nothing wrong with these laws, I strongly take the position that all individuals, Jew and Gentile alike, are required to respond to the revelation that G-d exists and He is the G-d of Israel and therefore apply all of Scripture to one’s life. In other words, one does not lose his or her identity as Jew or Gentile, but all believers in the G-d of Israel and Messiah Yeshua should jointly apply the word of G-d to one’s life. Not for salvation, but because one has been saved by the grace of G-d by means of Messiah’s work of redemption.

Why did HaShem make the dietary laws more restrictive under the Torah? A general answer would be to convict man of his sin and reveal his need for salvation. The question that is of great interest is what should a believer do now in regard to the dietary laws? It is clear from the New Covenant that some believers chose to return to the status of the Garden of Eden and not eat meat, while others continued to eat meat. Paul clearly taught that one could eat meat, but if doing so causes a weaker brother to have problems then one should not eat meat. This was not based upon any compulsion, but out of love.

What about those meats which are called unclean in the Torah, such as pork and shell fish? Rabbinical Judaism states that in the age to come, i.e. the Kingdom, HaShem will feed to the righteous ones a great meal which will consist of whale meat. Obviously whale is forbidden under Torah law, so what is the significance of this statement from the Talmud (See Baba Batrah page 75 side A)? That the Torah restricts the eating of some animals due to the spiritual immaturity of the people, but in the Kingdom, the righteous, i.e. those not spiritually immature will eat the very thing which the Torah forbids.

So what is our response as believers? The words of Paul seem to be most applicable when he states,

All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not profitable…” I Corinthians 6:12

It is most significant that this text comes from a discussion when the subject was food. Likewise in the same book (See I Corinthians 10:23), Paul states the same thing also in regard to food. It is clear from these two citations that the emphasis should not be on what I can or cannot eat, but the spiritual wellbeing of others. It is for this reason that I believe that eating pork and shellfish is a bad witness. It is not a coincidence that these “meats” also carry a higher risk to them and are more easily contaminated.

In the Millennial Kingdom, individuals will eat meat, however in the New Jerusalem, there will be several things very reminiscent to the Garden of Eden and one will not eat meat. It was for this reason that many of the first century believers were vegetarians, i.e. looking forward to the Kingdom lifestyle.

This is an issue where prayer is more vital than listening to the thoughts of a man.

Announcing: The Biblically Inspired Life


It has been on my mind for awhile to start a website and YouTube channel called “The Biblically Inspired Life”.  Baruch has been encouraging me to move forward with it and I have finally uploaded a couple of videos on my new YouTube channel.  My ultimate goal is to upload 2 videos each week, but it will take me some time to work up to that.

My vision is to provide content which is encouraging and thought-provoking about what it means to implement Scripture into our daily lives in a way which is glorifying to the L-rd.  Baruch and I also plan to work together to film an ongoing series on marriage.

I have not created the website yet, but I will keep you updated as I make progress.  I hope you will check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to it!