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Travel Days – In Israel

Rothschild Street and the Rothschild Hotel, both in Tel Aviv.

Saturday night we had a good meeting at our study center.  We then had our Live Stream.  I really enjoyed chatting live again with some of our viewers!  The study at our center begins later in the evenings this time of year, due to Shabbat ending later.  This past Live Stream, we began studying the book of Exodus.  You don’t want to miss it.

On Sunday, I traveled to Tel Aviv to meet with our eldest daughter, who lives there.  She works very hard and has a great job in her field.  She was interested in hearing about our trip to Cambodia and India.  She has been to India and provided some of her film production skills for two non-profit organizations there.

Yesterday I took the bus to Eilat.  The temperature here today was 104 Degrees F!  I actually enjoy the ride down.  It is about 6 hours’ bus ride from our city.  The trip through the Negev (desert) is beautiful.

Baruch has been taping programs for our YouTube channel.  He is beginning a new series on I Corinthians.

Tonight Baruch is taping an episode of our radio show “Lost in Translation” which airs on Sirius XM.  I will be taping a Biblically Inspired Life episode and hope to have it posted tomorrow.

I also wanted to remind you that all the videos from the San Diego conference have been uploaded onto our YouTube channel.

We are beginning some new series of teaching.  We hope you’ll join us!


LiveStream:  Exodus began this past Saturday night

Television Broadcast:  This week begins the book of Philippians

Extra teaching NOT on television:  Beginning I Corinthians

We have some exciting things coming up and we look forward to sharing with you!



A touching note I received from a new friend in India.

As I hope you can tell, this last trip to Asia was very impactful to me.  We met many people and were impressed with two things:  Their desire to study the Bible seriously and the lack of Bible teaching available to them.

Baruch and I had a very interesting conversation with one of the workers at the hotel in Hyderabad.  When she heard that we had been married for 32 years, she asked if it was a marriage for love.  [I think it was because she thought we had been married young and that it must have been an arranged marriage.]  We were able to discuss marriage a little bit with her, which was nice.  We also talked to a worker who is a Christian and was glad to meet us.  Remember that Christians are a very small minority in India.  We told him about our television show and he was familiar with Daystar.

We are going to begin a Prayer Circle, where people can agree to pray around the clock for various needs we come in contact with and concerning  projects for which LoveIsrael.org is seeking wisdom.  We are blessed to know people around the world who are friends of LoveIsrael.org and want to see sound Bible teaching spread throughout the world.  With knowing people in most of the various time zones, we should be able to sustain constant prayer for needs!

This is something a few people have challenged us to establish and we look forward to sharing more with you.


A Poem to Share


Glass sculpture at Singapore airport.

While we were in Albania, our friends received a copy of the poem below, written by their friend.  It was published in a Chicago-area newspaper.  We sat and discussed the words of this eloquent poem and how the body of believers needs to be making more of an impact in the world.  We need to stand out from the world and be different.  People are searching for the truth, and if we appear to be the same as the world, not offering the Hope of our Messiah, we have truly missed our calling.

This is food for thought!


The Dying Church by Marcia Horan

Castles built in cities dire,

Housing hearts without the fire.

Steeples’ bells which once aroused,

Now shout Work!  And grace is doused.

Its spirit weeps, and abandoned bride,

Love songs sung have slowly died.

And my spirit sinks into an endless song,

Mourn, mourn, my soul, His church foregone.

She struggles on to hear the preacher.

Deaf he is to the real Teacher.

Choking melodies that once were hearts.

Sentencing to death the Living Word.

The Bridegroom weeps for the empty womb,

A barren place now like a tomb.

His bride’s spirit broken apart,

Her heart grows cold, her eyesight dark.

And my spirit sinks into an endless song.

Mourn, Mourn, my soul, His church foregone.

Mourn, Mourn, my soul, His church is dead.

Cut to the quick by leaven bread.

I find no solace to my grief,

A comforter to give relief.

Yet on the horizon shining bright,

Is a sparkle of wondrous Light

And my spirit soars into endless song.

Praise, praise, my soul, has seen the Dawn.

The Hyderabad Conference


Baruch with his new friend, Moshe Dayan!

As we sit in the airport, waiting for our flight, I think back over the past few days.  The conference was very well attended, with many people coming from outside of Hyderabad.  I didn’t take pictures during Shabbat, but the meeting room was full.


The meeting place for the conference.

Baruch taught on several important topics.  One verse he shared was very important for all of us to remember.  The first part of Zechariah 4:10 states, “For who hath despised the day of small things?”  We must not discount the small things which G-d has brought into our lives, but rather be thankful for them and see how He grows them.  Remember Luke 16:10, “He who is faithful in the least, is also faithful in much; and he who in the least is unrighteous, is also unrighteous in much.  Perhaps the L-rd is seeing how we handle a small thing He has given us?


The question and answer time.

At the question and answer times, people had very interesting questions, wanting to clarify either personal questions they were struggling with or some which were on a more congregational level.  There were some leaders from congregations and others who are involved in ministry.

We enjoyed the opportunity to hear testimonies of how G-d is moving in the lives of the people here.  It is a difficult situation.  Baruch read to me today that the current president said that if someone is not a Hindu, then your Indian identity is in question.  And if your Indian identity is in question, then your constitutional rights are in question.

We are hearing more and more of the rights of Christians being called into question.  Our hosts recently lost the facility they were renting and are now struggling to find a new meeting place.  People do not want to rent to a religious organisation unless they are Hindu.

We were here during the beginning of the Monsoon season and we were able to see firsthand how treacherous the roads become when there is some rain.


Today our ride to the airport took 1 1/2 hours, partially due to the water-logged streets.  There were people walking in the water but the motorcycles (of which there are many) had to move over away from it.  This caused the already chaotic traffic to be much worse.  The picture above is from the internet and shows a road in Hyderabad after some rainfall.  More is expected over the next 24 hours.

We were pleased to know that some of the attendees had found our television show on GodTV!  Others have checked out our YouTube channel.  We appreciate those of you who help to make this outreach possible.

Shabbat Shalom!


We are looking forward to the service tonight here in Hyderabad and to Baruch teaching at our friend’s congregation.

Remember that the parasha in Israel this week is not the same as outside of Israel.  Here is a short commentary by Baruch on this week’s Parasha [in Israel]: Parashat Shelach

There is no doubt that while the Children of Israel were in the wilderness they tended to think about everything from their perspective rather than HaShem’s. This fact is clearly seen when they said,

“…Surely it is better for us to return to Egypt.” Numbers 14:3b

The problem was located in what they placed first in their list of priorities, namely themselves. It is very significant that they said, “…it is better for us….” Their concern was not HaShem’s will or those whom they were to influence for the things of G-d, it was all about themselves and how they saw things. The Apostle Paul stated that now one sees things dimly and only in part (I Cor. 13:12). Although the context of this passage is how one sees himself, this principle can be extended to all aspects of life.

The first thing that the Israelites wanted to do was to appoint a new leader. Is it not most telling that they thought they could choose a better leader than the one that G-d had chosen? The real problem was that the people wanted one thing and HaShem wanted something very different. When this happens in a person’s life, they will quickly rebel against G-d and His leadership.

Today, I am quite concerned that the message which people are hearing from a high percentage of the pulpits is, “G-d wants to do exactly what you think is best for yourself.” This is very seductive to the people and makes leaders very popular. However, it makes the people unholy and powerless against the enemy. Notice that the perspective of the people was to go back under bondage in Egypt. One needs to remember that in Egypt the Children of Israel were unable to serve HaShem. This was not a concern of the people because they were not truly interested in obeying G-d. Although the people did not go back to Egypt, they died out in the wilderness never fulfilling HaShem’s plan for their life.

Many believers today have spiritually returned to Egypt. They are living in bondage to sin and do not even know it. They have become dull to sin, because so few leaders teach on sin. They fail to do so because they are fearful of being seen as judgmental and unpopular. They have adapted the image that their messages need to always be positive, uplifting, humorous, and practical for success; rather that allowing the Scriptural text to confront the people with the power of the word of G-d and on the subject with which the text deals.

It all comes down to whom a person believes knows best, the eternal G-d or oneself?

Hyderabad, India


In the market, Hyderabad, India.  June 20. 

We arrived in Hyderabad, India, last night.  It was all new for me, but Baruch has been here once before, in 2016.  At that time, Baruch spoke to a large crowd outside in mass evangelical meetings, which were sponsored by the Gospel Association of India under the leadership of Yesu Padam. This time, we are with Joseph John, who many of you know shared at our National Conference in Orlando last year.  Baruch will be teaching Friday night, Shabbat and Sunday morning at Joseph John’s congregation.

Today Baruch joined me for a short tuk tuk ride (remember them from Cambodia?).  We saw some very interesting sites.

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This evening we met with Leader Joseph John and his family for a lovely dinner and fellowship.  We look forward to spending time with them and those who come to the speaking events.

We learned a lot about India this evening–the different regions and their uniqueness to each other.  It is amazing to me the number of languages spoken here and how the country can function with so many divisions.  The Hindu religion is by far the largest, comprising 80.5% of the population, followed by Muslim with 13.4% and Christian with 2.3%.  It is actually the Hindus who are more violent and abusive toward the Muslims and Christians.  The women and girls are particularly at risk.

The men on the left played traditional music throughout our dinner.  On the right is some of the traditional food of Southern India.

This evening we had dinner with Joseph, his wife Susan and their children.  We had such a nice time getting to know Joseph’s family!

The food was excellent, with several breads and vegetable dips and spreads.  The presentation was similar to the traditional food we had in Ethiopia, even though the dishes themselves are different.  Several of the items were spicy (and yummy)!