More about VIA


With Ramona and Rei Abrudan, from VIA Church in Cluj, Romania.

This year’s conference at VIA was very successful.  As I mentioned, there was a family ski retreat the same weekend, but the sanctuary was still full.  It was an in-depth study of the book of Esther.


People had their Bibles out and were taking notes.

We appreciate and admire Rei’s leadership, not only at VIA, but throughout Romania, as he seeks to strengthen the believing community there.

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In Cluj, there are several universities, and the population there is very young.  Rei and Ramona have a desire to see these young people make a serious commitment to the L-rd. One of the young men, Sorin, takes the time to volunteer at VIA with their media outreach.  He was kind enough to come on short notice to tape the conference.


With Sorin.


2 thoughts on “More about VIA

  1. I love the second picture. It reflects what people who go to Dr Baruch’s seminars really are; true Berreans.

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