Heading Home



With our Romania and Eastern Europe Team Leaders George and Anca Popa.


In the afternoon, we had the honor of going to the home of Adrian and Marinela Barac for tea.  We enjoyed the hospitality and conversation.  We were blessed by them very much.


Baruch with Adrian.

Last night, we had our final conference event at the church in Sebis.  Again, there was a very good turnout.  The balcony, as well as the main level, were both full.


We appreciate the warm welcome by Pastor Lucien, below with Baruch, and the entire congregation.  The church again provided us with a lovely dinner after the service.


We were so pleased that Pastor Lucien received and wore one of the LoveIsrael pins which George and Anca designed and had made.  They also gave them to other leaders, including the leader of the local Messianic congregation.  He, in turn, requested 50 for his congregation and friends.


The highlight of the evening was when we learned that 3 people accepted the L-rd last night!  Please pray for these individuals as the begin their new life in Messiah.

Lastly, I forgot to mention yesterday our friends Miodrag and Simona Scumpia.  Simona was kind enough to do an excellent job translating for Baruch.  They are shown on the far left and far right, below.




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