Romania Update


Beautiful scene in Moneasa, Romania.

Saturday and Sunday morning Baruch continued teaching our conference at VIA Church in Cluj.  The turnout was very good.  In fact, many people were gone on a ski retreat (it is vacation time for the schools) and there was still standing room only on Sunday morning.

This was the first event with our new team leaders George and Anca.  They had done much preparation for the events, including making Love Israel lapel pins, magnets and the roll-up, seen below with George.  George introduced to the people the newly instituted Foundation.  He has opened a Romanian-language website and Facebook page and has already made many contacts throughout the country.


Team Leader George Popa making a presentation at VIA Church in Cluj.

Saturday evening Baruch spoke at Manastur Baptist again.  There was a nice group there and we enjoyed spending some time with their new pastor and his wife, as well as some of our dear friends.

Monday morning we headed 4 hours away to Sebis, Romania.  The drive was lovely and we even spotted a castle along the way.

Last night, Baruch spoke at the Baptist Church in Sebis.  It was almost full, on a Monday night.  We appreciated the warm welcome.  They live-streamed the event and George and Anca told us that the livestream was shared by many people all over Facebook.  After the service, the church provided a lovely dinner for us and the leadership and worship team.

This afternoon, we will go to a leader’s home for tea and then we will go back to the congregation for a time of Bible questions for Baruch and then Baruch will teach his second message.  After that, Baruch and I will make the drive back to Cluj, and we will fly home Wednesday.

This trip has offered us the opportunity to meet with several leaders, friends and our new Team.  We are very excited about the future.  We are also finalizing our schedule for our conferences in Moldova later this year.


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