Shabbat Shalom


Yesterday, Baruch taped the next set of television shows at the CredoTV studios.  We appreciate the good work they do for us.

Last night, Baruch spoke at Manastur Baptist in Cluj, Romania.  This congregation is the first location Baruch taught at in Romania, several years ago.  It was a wonderful evening and we were able to see some friends there.

Today, I met with our Team leader, George, and we walked over the the Notary to notarize some documents for the establishment of our Foundation.  While there, I was introduced to an attorney who has a PhD in Jewish History and studied in Jerusalem.  The notary turned out to know about Jewish history as well, and was very kind and interested in helping us and talking about the Jewish people of Romania.

We, and George and his wife Anca, then met with a couple who are about our age, Rei and Ramona.  They founded VIA church in Cluj and it has grown very quickly.  Baruch will be speaking at their congregation on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.  They have real hearts for G-d and for building up the churches in Romania.  We enjoyed our time with them and look forward to the weekend.

May you have a blessed shabbat.  This week’s parasha is:  Mishpatim.  The reading is Exodus 21:1-24:18.


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