Yesterday in Romania


On the set with Florin our translator and Iacob Berghianu, the host. Photo by John Petric.

Yesterday was a full day in Cluj, Romania.  We began with Baruch taping 7 television programs.  Afterward, we met with Iacob Berghianu (above, far right) to discuss the 3 television programs we would be taping.  The first program included me and we discussed our moving to Israel and life here.  The second and third programs did not include me.  They were discussions about Israel and the Jewish people (Biblically) and the last dealt with current events in Israel as they relate to Biblical prophecy.  The translator, Florin, did an outstanding job and we are so glad to have met him.


Baruch receiving audio information from Ed and me working.  Photo by George Popa.

After all the taping was completed, we went to dinner with George Popa, our Team leader for Romania and Eastern Europe, and then met with him concerning several upcoming projects.

We have conferences planned in 2019 for Bulgaria, The Republic of Moldova, Hateg (Romania) and a Leaders’ Conference at a retreat center in Romania.  We would ask for your prayers for all of these conferences that hearts would be prepared and that many would be reached.



Let’s Pray in Unity!


We enjoy working with other people in ministry in a cooperative way.  We believe that it is a testimony of how the body should work together.  We have worked on many joint projects and worship services with others.

There are a couple of leaders with whom we are now beginning to work to bring our Biblical teaching to thousands of people.  In the coming months, we will be working with people in Bulgaria and Albania to bring sound Bible teaching to their countries and people in other countries who speak the Serbian language.  These leaders have expressed to us that there is very little teaching in their countries and that there is a deep spiritual darkness, even delving heavily into the occult and immorality.

I receive messages on Facebook almost daily from people sharing with me about the ministry work being done in countries which are struggling or emerging.  These workers are native to their respective countries and they teach in congregations, host camps for children and families, and provide for the physical needs of the people.

These messages come from India, the Philippines, Kenya, and many, many other countries.  Let’s set aside a few moments each day this week to pray for indigenous ministry workers around the world.  While they are familiar with the culture and language, they do not typically have the amount of resources that foreign workers coming into the country to do ministry.  I think it will be meaningful to join together in prayer, as brothers and sisters, to lift up the needs of others in a unified way.

Shabbat Shalom!


This week, our Torah reading is Exodus 30:11-34:35.  This is a very important section, where we have final instructions concerning the building of the Mishkan (Tabernacle), the contribution of the half shekel for the sanctuary and the sin of the golden calf.  G-d had already given instructions concerning the Mishkan in the two previous parashiot and this week marks the conclusion of those directions.

There are many lessons to learn from this section of the Torah, but a couple of things we can learn is to wait upon G-d’s instructions for our lives and also, there are consequences to sin, even if we repent of it (Exodus 32:35).  Many times people believe that if they repent of their sins that’s the end of it.  G-d does indeed forgive us of our sins, but there are still consequences.  If possible, we should pay restitution.  We should ask the offended for forgiveness.  We should correct the situation as much as possible.

Finally, it is interesting to note that immediately after the sin of the golden calf, G-d lists the feasts to observe, the redeeming of the firstborn, the Shabbat, and various other commandments.  All of these have to do with recognising the preeminence of G-d and turning away from idolatry.  Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I think it is important for us to read through each of these verses carefully to see how G-d may use them in our lives to keep us focused and obedient to Him.  Shabbat Shalom!

New Video and Update

Today I uploaded a new video on the Biblically Inspired Life Youtube channel. I hope this will be an encouragement for you in your walk with the L-rd!

I have been in Eilat, Israel, for a few days. Baruch joined me today and we will go home tomorrow. It is a great opportunity for us to get some work done down here. Eilat is very interesting, as on a clear day you can see not only Jordan and Egypt (don’t need a clear day for that!) but one can also see Saudi Arabia!

On Sunday, we will be heading to Romania for 2 days. Baruch will be taping the next set of television programs. He will also appear on 2 episodes of someone else’s television program and I will appear on one of those as well! I’m a little nervous about it and wonder what I can add to the conversation. We will see!

We will also be meeting with our Team leader George. He has been helping us with Baruch’s Eastern European speaking engagements, including Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.

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Alarming Anti-Semitism


In Eilat, Israel today.

Satan-fueled anti-Semitism continues to rise!  I was just reading today several different articles about current altercations/events involving this terrible evil.

Today, seven members of the Labour Party in England have quit the party, whose leader is the anti-semite Jeremy Corbyn.  A Jewish intellectual in Paris has been called terrible names by the “yellow vest” protesters.   Students at Oxford University are trying to have kosher meat prohibited.  Every aspect of life, in just about every country, is being touched by rising anti-Semitism.

One of the latest news stories is that Poland has pulled out of the Israel-European Summit.  Poland is pushing back against accurate claims that Poland has a history of anti-Semitism.

“The diplomatic crisis between Poland and Israel began during the Warsaw summit on the Middle East last Thursday (February 14), when Netanyahu appeared to push back against a Polish law that prohibits broad statements that the Poland as a state or as a nation, collaborated with the Nazis to kill Jews during World War II.  “Poles cooperated with the Germans” during the Holocaust, Netanyahu said.” [quote from the J.Post]

Yair Lapid is quoted as saying, “For four years the prime minister didn’t dare to say out loud that the reason the Poles helped the Nazis is because antisemitism was an integral part of Polish society.  This isn’t racism, but the painful historical truth.”

Much of the rhetoric which was being embraced now is the same as during the time leading up to the Holocaust.  We must not put our heads in the sand.  We must speak out against such evil.



Picture taken while I was out walking today. Can you believe the bee in the middle of the photo? It was sunny and 70 degrees F today!

Today was a very productive day. Baruch has been taping videos and also had to go to Tel Aviv. When we travel, he still wants to have {simulated} Livestreams and also the Genesis videos uploaded. So, he has to do extra taping when we are in Israel. He also taped 4 very short videos for Romanian Team. I uploaded those to our Facebook page.

Next week, we will be in Jerusalem and Eilat. Baruch will be helping a messianic leader from Romania to inspect a Torah scroll.

The taping of the two radio shows went very well. We are hoping these will become a regular show.

I have finally completed the tour brochure for our December 2-11 Study Tour of Israel. Once it has been posted on our website, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We are looking forward to another full group and hope that you can join us. December still has great weather in Israel. I know that many people do not want to tour around in the hot summer weather, so this would be a great tour for those who like it a little cooler.

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Big Day Tomorrow


Tomorrow Baruch will be interviewed for two radio programs which will be broadcast in the greater San Diego area.  Baruch will have an opportunity to talk about, sound Bible teaching and making people aware of us as a resource.  This is a great opportunity which was put together by our friend and team member Ronnie.  We are so thankful for Ronnie and his wife Nicki for their help and support for

This radio program will also introduce greater San Diego to our conference which will be held in the area soon.  We will be in the San Diego area for our conference on March 29-30.  It will be held at Calvary Chapel, 7525 El Cajon Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942

Our Marriage seminar in Israel will be held at our study center on February 27.  People have many questions about marriage, divorce, remarriage from a Biblical perspective.  We plan to take some of the information in this seminar which Baruch will be teaching in Hebrew and incorporate it into some Marriage Mondays videos on my Biblically Inspired Life YouTube channel.