IMG_0371Saturday night, our “Midnight From Jerusalem” Livestream successfully showed on YouTube.  We appreciate our Tech Manager, Steven, and all of his hard work to troubleshoot the problem.  It was nice to be able to communicate with those of you who log in to the Live Chat.  The edited Acts 16 Part 2 has been uploaded already.

I want to remind you about Baruch’s extra video on False Teachings.  You can find it on YouTube and the archive (Vimeo) on our website.  It is important to address some of these issues which make their way around the believing community.

We’ve also added a link to our Northern Europe website: loveisrael.eu  You might want to check it out!  There is also a button for the English version of it.  We really appreciate our teams.  They are all volunteers and are accomplishing so much.  They have created websites, submitted paperwork to create Foundations for us (non-profit status) in the various countries, and are promoting Love Israel.  In the future, I will be featuring each of the teams.



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