Introducing Our Australasia Team!


Our new Team (L-R):  Vanessa, Marina (Christian’s mother), Margarita and Christian.

We have been in conversation with the Barrionuevo family (see above) for many months.  They are very excited about the work of and have expressed their desire to participate with us.  After discussion of many points and goals, they have officially been named our Australaisia Team.  Australaisia is a region of Oceania, which is  comprised of Australia, New Zealand, neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean.

In this volunteer role, they will coordinate Baruch’s speaking engagements and seek out ways of promotion of through television, radio, collaboration and print media.  They presented us with some great strategy ideas to broaden our reach in that area of the world.

The Barrionuevos coordinated every aspect of our trip to Sydney.  They arranged meetings with various people, a one hour radio interview, the conference in conjunction with Derek Prince Ministries and CVM Group, Baruch speaking at a congregation on Sunday Morning and a Pastors’ Conference/Luncheon.  They also took us to the Wildlife park to see the koalas and wallabies. It was a very important (and enjoyable) trip, as we branch out into Australia.

We look forward to working with Christian, Margarita and Vanessa and feel very blessed by their desire to serve the L-rd with

Thursday night, August 23, we had the pleasure of attending a dinner where leaders from Derek Prince Ministries, Shalom Australia, and a local Congregation.  This gave us a great opportunity to fellowship with some local leaders as well as hear about the spiritual condition and outreach work being done in Australia.


One of the comments we heard over and over on this trip is that Australia needs to hear proper Biblical teaching.  There was excitement about Baruch’s teaching and expanding in this region.  We look forward to working with them in the future.


Shabbat Shalom! Parashat Ki Tavo


We made it back safely to Israel and I will be sharing with you more from our trip to Australia.  Right now, though, I’d like to share with you a short commentary by Baruch on this week’s Torah Portion, Ki Tavo.

We hope you will join us for our Live Stream tomorrow!  Shabbat Shalom!

In this week’s Torah portion Moses foretells Israel’s entrance into the Promised Land and an important ritual which the Children of Israel will go through. This ritual involved the 12 tribes standing on two mountains: Mount Grizim and Mount Ehval. Mount Grizim is associated with Blessing, while Mount Ehval is connected to the Curse. What is interesting is why Shimon, Levi, Yehuda, Issachar, Yosef and Binyamin are commanded to stand on Mount Grizim; while Reuven, Gad, Asher, Zebulun, Dan and Naftali are ordered to Mount Ehval.

The first six tribes mentioned in this passage all came from either Leah or Rachel. These two women were part of Abraham’s family. Abraham is associated with Blessing. All the other tribes, except Rueven, came from either Bilhah or Zilpah. These two were maidservants and therefore associated with the Curse. Why was this? The answer is because sin and the curse go together. Where is the idea of sin found within the text? One needs to remember that the firstborn of Jacob was Rueven. He was not listed with the other brothers who came from the Matriarchs Leah and Rachel. Why was Rueven left out? The answer is found in the book of Genesis.

And it came about when Israel (Jacob) was dwelling in that Land and Rueven went and laid with Bilhah the concubine of his father and Israel heard.” Genesis 35:22

This sinful act brought a curse upon Rueven as he lost his right as the firstborn and it was given to the sons of Yosef (See 1 Chronicles 5:1).

An important principle to learn for all of this is that it is righteous obedience to the word of G-d, which is found in faith (Abrahamic Faith) that will position a person where he will be blessed by G-d. Those who are related to sin and the bondage which accompany sin will be positioned where they will experience the curse.

Now that this Biblical truth is understood, each person must choose which heritage he or she is going to embrace— the covenantal faith of Abraham or the bondage of the two maidservants. Prior to the redemptive work of Messiah Yeshua it was impossible to choose the blessing, but now, as one reads in this week’s prophetic reading (Haftarah),

Arise and shine, for your Light (Messiah) has arrived, and the Glory of HaShem has shined upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

All one needs to do in order to find blessing is to take heed to the words of John who said, “…walk in the Light…” (See 1 John 1:7).

Sydney Conference

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Some pictures from the conference.  Photo credit:  Vanessa Barrionuevo

The conference was held at a venue just a few steps from our hotel.  It was so convenient and our hosts (and friends), the Barrionuevo family, arranged for every detail.  We were so impressed with the location as well as all of the workers and volunteers from Derek Prince Ministries who participated in making the entire event run smoothly.  There was even a praise and worship team to lead us and preparing our hearts for the studies.

The conference consisted of 4 sessions and there were two tea breaks (I just love the British influence here)!  The conference theme was:   Our Blessed Hope…”The Rapture”. Are you ready?  There were several questions taken at the end of the conference as well. There is much confusion about the end times and it was great that Baruch was able to clearly present the material.

Our hosts were able to arrange 100 radio advertising spots as well as the very large advertisement (see below) in the Israel and Christians Today newspaper, which is published by Christians for Israel Australia.


We were happy to hear that people from all over Australia attended the conference.  That shows a great job by the organizing team of promoting the conference.

One of our “take-aways” from this trip is that there is a real need in Australia to have sound Biblical teaching and we are excited to organize a team to maximize our presence here.  We would appreciate your prayers as we move forward with this effort.

Shabbat Shalom – Parashat Ki Teitzei


Here is a brief commentary by Baruch.  We hope you have a blessed Shabbat!

I have been married for 31 years and I came across a passage that really caught my attention. In this week’s Torah portion I read,

When a man marries a new wife…” Deuteronomy 24:5

After carefully reading the verse, I learned that this section deals with when a man gets married for the first time. Hence, my wife is the “new wife” that the passage is speaking about. According to Jewish tradition, the first marriage is special. For example, at the end of the wedding seven blessings are pronounced over the couple. If one should get married a second time for any reason, such as death of his or her first spouse, only three blessings are said. There are different opinions as to whether this verse in its entirety applies to every marriage (When a man marries a new wife, he should not go out with the army and not pass upon him any matter, he is free to his house for one year to gladden his wife whom he has taken.)

In Judaism, there is a principle which states that it is a good thing to magnify the commandment. A good example of this is when Yeshua said to go the extra mile. Even though the first year of marriage is referred to in this verse; husbands, perhaps we can take few days or even a week and put every other obligation aside and strive to gladden our wives.

It is obvious that the first year of marriage represents a time of transition which can be difficult. Likewise, as the years pass, there are also other times of transition when difficulties are encountered. Deepening the martial relationship by showing attention to your wife will strengthen the marriage and provide the foundation to the relationship which will enable the couple to pass through these transitions in a manner which will cause the marital relationship to manifest the glory of G-d. This manifestation is what every Biblical covenant, including the marital covenant, is suppose to do.

I am going to begin praying today on how to gladden my new wife of 31 years and plan something that will be special to her. Husbands, why not join with me in doing the same thing for your wife.

An Australian Experience


Baruch and me with Vanessa, our friend who helped organize the conference, along with her parents, Christian and Margarita.

Today Baruch and I were treated by Christian and Margarita, to a truly great experience…a private tour of Featherdale Wildlife Park.  This park is home to many species of wildlife native to Australia.  These animals have been brought to the park because they were injured, or they are animals which were born in the park.  They are either rehabilitated and released into the wild, kept at the wildlife park or given to another zoo.

Upper left, smallest penguin in the world, which is indigenous to Australia.  Lower left, petting a wallaby joey (baby).  Right, baby crocodile.

After a brief rest and working time, we met with Tony and Marianne, a couple from Melbourne who will be organizing Baruch’s speaking in there in February 2019.  Christian and Margarita joined us and the four of them will be coordinating the New Zealand part of our trip.

Tomorrow is the conference!  There are approximately 300 people signed up.  So much effort has gone into it and we look forward to sharing it with you.  Shabbat Shalom!

Radio Show

This morning, Baruch did a live radio show.  He was interviewed by Neil Johnson of Vision Christian Radio.  His show is called 20/Twenty.  Pictured above with us are Christian and his daughter Vanessa.  Christian, his wife Margarita and daughter Vanessa are hosting us in Australia.

On the show, Baruch had the opportunity to share about our conference this weekend.  Mr. Johnson did a great job of promoting it and spoke with Baruch about the topic for the conference, The Rapture.  They also touched on topics such as the importance of accurate Bible teaching, the Biblical Festivals, the “Time of the Church”, and Daniel’s 70th week. There was also a time of phone in Q & A.

After the radio show, we drove to the Botanical Park to get a gorgeous view of downtown Sydney and the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  Then it was off to lunch and a strategy meeting on how to reach Australia with the Truth of the Scriptures.  We are looking to establish an Australian branch for LoveIsrael in this area and do some brainstorming on methodology to accomplish this.

We then had a lovely dinner at the home of the main organizer, which is a family who all have worked very hard on this event.  Others who attended were:  the head of the co-sponsor of our Conference (Derek Prince Ministries) , the Pastor of the church where Baruch will be speaking on Sunday (who is also the organizer of the Pastor’s conference where Baruch will be speaking on Tuesday) and the leader of Celebrate Messiah, as well as all the wives.  It was an opportunity for us to all meet each other as well as to fellowship and for us to learn more about the believing community in Australia.

Australia Here We Come!

Ben Gurion Airport, today

The time has finally arrived.  We are at the airport waiting to board our flight to Sydney, via Hong Kong.

Our hosts for the trip have arranged a schedule combining teaching opportunities, meetings of different types, and fellowship.  This first trip to Australia looks to be a great opportunity to maximize the time for ministry and growing the impact of LoveIsrael in Australia.

We would ask that you pray for blessing upon this time for all involved.  Much work has gone into the planning and execution of the various events.  We are thankful for all of those involved in it!  We will be having some vision and strategy meetings in which we will explore the expansion of in Australia.

There has been a good response so far to our Study Tour of Israel.  If you think you might be interested, be sure to check out the brochure on the slider at the top of the home page!  It will be a special trip.

We ask that you would please consider sharing our Facebook posts and also that you would subscribe to our YouTube channel.  This helps us to get better placement in the search results so that more people will find our teachings.