Shavuah Tov!

Moscow in daylight and evening.

Shabbat is now over in Moscow and we are preparing for tomorrow, where Baruch will be teaching at the largest Evangelical church in Moscow.

Today we held a study in the center of the city.  The people were very attentive and asked good questions at the end.  Michael, our associate from Israel, was with us.  He translated  for Baruch (from Hebrew into Russian) and he also made promotional flyers for today and tomorrow, to direct people to on the internet and to our television show which is aired in Russia in the Russian language.

We look forward to tomorrow as Baruch teaches on Gid’on.


Tragedy in Israel


I do not know if it made the world news, but yesterday 10 teenagers, who were on an organized hike, were swept away and drowned just south of the Dead Sea.  Due to flash floods, the young people were caught off-guard, as these floods arise so quickly in the desert areas.

We ask that you pray for the devastated families of these young people.  They should not have been out on this hike, as bad weather was forecasted.  An official investigation has been opened to find out why it was still held.  The trip was part of a pre-army program and its director has been arrested for suspected negligent manslaughter.

Shabbat Shalom to you all.

Going to Share the Word


“Foundations of the Faith” (Discipleship Manual) in Hebrew, English and Russian!

Early tomorrow morning, Baruch and I are heading to Moscow for just a couple of days, to share with the people there.  We will be taking a few of our “Foundations of the Faith” Discipleship Manuals in Russian to share with the leadership.  We are discussing now how to distribute large numbers of the Russian book there.  You may remember that Baruch wrote this with Moran Rosenblit, originally in Hebrew.

We know that they are cracking down on believers and creating new laws to restrict sharing the Gospel and prohibit meeting in a totally free manner.  Now is the time to share the Word!

Please pray for the hearts of the people to be opened and for Baruch as he teaches and Michael as he translates Baruch from the Hebrew into Russian.

Have You Read These?


Two of Baruch’s books you may have missed.

There may be some of you who are newer to and aren’t aware of some of the books Baruch has written.  I wanted to just highlight two of them.  They would be great additions to your library.

Without A Friend is an inductive study of many of the primary texts, both Biblical and rabbinical which deal with a proper understanding of what will happen not just to Israel, but the entire world, in the end times.

The Coming King examines the whole of Scripture to shed light on the growing controversy within G-d’s people today concerning the Millennial Kingdom, as well as paint a picture of this future Thousand-Year Kingdom and the character of the very King who all of history has been waiting for.

These books can both be purchased through  Here is a link:


Going to Moscow


Fish at an outdoor mall I visited yesterday with our older daughter.

Saturday night I was not at our study center because our older daughter, who lives in another city, was with us and I stayed home to be with her.

Sunday and Monday Baruch taped some new teaching episodes.  Even though we travel more than we used to, Baruch is still able to schedule all of the taping of shows.  We hope that you will join us for our “Midnight from Jerusalem” Live Stream.  We completed the Book of Ecclesiastes and this past Saturday night we began the book of Acts.

A book publisher has contacted us about printing two of Baruch’s books in the Romanian language!  This is an exciting development which we hope will come about.  We met them in Bucharest in January when Baruch taught a conference there.

This coming Friday Baruch and I, along with a few people from the study group at our Study Center who want to join us, will be traveling to Moscow, where Baruch will be teaching at a couple of different locations.  Baruch will be teaching in Hebrew and Michael, from the Study Center, will be translating into Russian. We will be there Friday through Monday.

Finally, I want to remind you that registration for our Ninth Annual Conference is open.  The first 120 people who register and also make reservations to stay at the Conference Hotel, will receive a free Shabbat lunch.  The spots are filling up quickly!


Shabbat Shalom!


Spring flowers today.

This week there are 2 parashiot, Acharei Mot and Kedushim.

More and more I hear Christians saying that Israel has broken covenant with HaShem and therefore the promise that G-d would give them the Land of Israel as an inheritance has been rendered void. Nowhere in the Scripture is Israel’s disobedience a basis for them losing the right to the Land. What the Scripture does say is that disobedience will cause Israel to go into exile, but only for a period of time. Such a text that supports this is found in this week’s Torah portion.

You shall keep all of My statutes and all of My judgments and do them and the Land will not vomit you which I am bringing you there to dwell in it.” Lev. 20:22

A very graphic depiction of how Israel will be punished, by being sent out of the Land, but as HaShem has proven three times, He will eventually bring the Jewish people back to the Land. Just think what would have happened to the prophecy of the Messiah being born in Bethlehem, if after the Babylonian exile HaShem said, “That is it, My Covenant promise to the Jewish people concerning the Land is over.”?

One must realize that there is a major difference between discipline and termination. I am amazed that a growing number of Christian leaders casually utter such statements without considering the implications in regard to a wealth of prophecies. They err when they neglect that HaShem reestablishing the nation of Israel in its historical land is a wonderful example of the faithfulness of G-d. They fail to see how having the majority of the Jewish people dwelling in Israel is a prophetic sign. They insult the sovereignty of the G-d they supposedly follow when they refuse to consider that HaShem is free to maintain His covenant with the Jewish people. No other people in history have been scattered abroad and have seen their nation and language lost and after nearly two thousand years return and rebuild their nation and resurrect their language. Maybe, do you not think that G-d is involved in this?

Quite frankly I am embarrassed for those who stand behind their pulpits and espouse such ideas in their messages, which are devoid of prophetic awareness and plagued with poor hermeneutical methods. I commend you to ask your spiritual leader where he stands on this issue and if he is of the opinion that Israel does not have any divine right to the Land of Israel, educate him or find a new spiritual leader. Coming down on the Biblical side of this issue is foundational for one being able to feed his congregants the truth they will need to understand the last days as they unfold. Events that are taking place in the world today may indeed be an indication that the end times may not be so distant from us.

Happy 70th, Israel!


Flag streamers attached to the buildings in our complex in honour of Israel’s 70th Independence Day.


Beautiful flag Baruch and I saw while out walking today.



This is a photo of the fireworks last night, taken by our younger daughter.  No, the palm tree was not hit!

What a miracle that the modern State of Israel exists.  We are surrounded by enemies!  We have absorbed millions of Jews from all over the world!  We must use a huge amount of money to maintain our military (which is one of the best in the world).  And yet, except for the United States, we have more Start-Ups than any other country in the world, and more people/countries are seeking to invest in Israeli companies.

While having  struggles and enemies, Israelis are amongst the happiest people in the world (we rank #11).  Please pray for Israel and her people that they will turn to the L-rd for salvation and protection!