Have a Blessed Passover and Shabbat!


May you have a blessed Shabbat and Passover.  Looking forward to our seder tonight!


Chag Sameach!


Some of the prepackaged kosher for Pesach foods at our home!

Today we finished our cleaning and I began the cooking. Some of the dishes which take the longest to cook were completed today, so as not to tie up my burners for hours tomorrow for just a couple of items.

Baruch always sets the table for Pesach and I will try to post a picture of it tomorrow.  I would really like to encourage those of you who are maybe just beginning to explore Pesach.  It is rich in Biblical truth.  And it can also help you to create some new traditions in your home.  If you are married, you can work together as well as each have particular jobs.  If you are a family, you can include the children in studying the Scripture as well as searching for chametz (leaven) as you clean the home.

I want to remind you that we will have a special Live Stream this Saturday night.  Baruch will be teaching about the Resurrection.

Ninth Annual LoveIsrael.org

We are pleased to announce that the registration is now open for the Ninth Annual LoveIsrael.org Conference.  It will be held November 2-4, 2018, in Orlando, FL.  We do hope you can join us!

This year, we will again have the prayer room, which will be supervised again by Rev. Lester Smith.  This ministry was such an important part of the conference last year and we know that it will be again this year as well.

To register, please go to LoveIsrael.org.  At the top of the home page, you will see where to click to register (look above the LoveIsrael.org Logo!).

We hope to see you there!



A lot has been going on here at LoveIsrael.org.  We have put together a newsletter which will go out at the end of this week.  If you are not on our e-mail list, please go to LoveIsrael.org and at the bottom of our homepage you can subscribe.  You will be sent an email which you must respond to in order to complete the process.

The final prep is being made in order to open registration for our Ninth Annual LoveIsrael.org Conference in Orlando, FL.  This year the conference will be held November 2-4.  We hope you will plan to join us.

This coming Saturday night, Baruch will give a special message during our Midnight from Jerusalem Live Stream.  He will be teaching on the Resurrection.  You won’t want to miss it!

As you know, the Passover Seder takes place this coming Friday night.  This year I am trying a few new recipes, so I plan to begin cooking on Thursday.  Usually, I get everything done the night before the seder and just cook all day the day of the seder.  This year I plan to spread it out a little bit.

Baruch and I have the tradition of making the charoset together.  We’ve done this every year and always have fun doing it.  Do you have a Passover tradition or special dish you make every year?

Today we had a Skype with a family who doesn’t have the support of a community which observes Passover.  Let’s pray for those people who don’t have access to many of the Passover items or a community with which to fellowship.


Some News and Today at LoveIsrael.org

Our train to Beersheva today.

It was a beautiful day here in Israel.    We ask for prayer for a family in Beersheva (where we were today) who suffered a fire in their home and 2 of the children are in very critical condition.  We also ask for prayer for a soldier girl who went into cardiac arrest and is in very critical condition as well.  I don’t have any of the names of the young people involved, but we need to lift these needs up to the L-rd!

We also want to lift up in prayer the Jewish communities in France.  An 85 year old Holocaust  survivor was stabbed and burned to death and there have been other recent attacks, including a 14 year old boy beaten when leaving a synagogue and a teenage Jewish girl who had her face slashed.  It is getting very bad there and we need to pray for them to come to Israel.

We have some very good friends who allow us the use of their car here in Israel when they are not here.  Right now they are in the country, so we took the train down to Beersheva today for our New Believers’ study.  It is a very pleasant ride; on Sundays it is full of soldiers going to base after Shabbat at home.

Below are some pictures of the outside of where the study is held.  This is not our center, but the outreach center of another ministry we partner with sometimes.  They periodically host Baruch to teach, including this New Believers series.

Thank you to those of you who support LoveIsrael.org and agree with our desire to see the Word of G-d and the Gospel spread throughout Judea and Samaria and the entire world.

This Blog is in Spanish Too!


Exciting Announcement!  This blog is now available in Spanish!  Our friend, Jose Rivera, has graciously taken on the work to translate this blog into Spanish!  It is a great companion to the Spanish language videos now being produced for LoveIsrael.org.

Just go to the home page of LoveIsrael.org and go to the drop-down menu for blog.  There you can choose the English or Spanish version!

The entire LoveIsrael.org Spanish Expansion is done by volunteers.  We are fortunate to have a small group who believe in this project and have a heart for the Spanish-speaking world.

Please tell all your friends about this Spanish blog and and our new expansion into the Spanish-speaking community.  We want to include them in this work!

Shabbat Shalom! Shabbat HaGadol!


Here is a brief commentary by Baruch on this week’s Parasha, Parashat Tzav.  It is Shabbat HaGadol.

The Shabbat prior to Passover is known as the Great Shabbat. This is because in Egypt, this was the day that the people took their Passover lambs into their homes in accordance with Exodus 12:3. If the Jewish year is not a leap year, that is, if there is no Adar Beit (the extra month added to certain years so Passover will always take place in the spring) Parashat Tzav always coincides with Shabbat HaGadol. Why would this be? The answer to this question appears at the end of this week’s Torah portion.

Beginning in chapter eight of Leviticus there is material about the consecration of the priests (Kohanim). This consecration was to inaugurate the work of the Kohanim at the House of G-d. What was their primary work?

As he did on this day HaShem commanded to make atonement for you.” Lev. 8:34

The priests’ primary work was to make atonement for the Children of Israel. This fact is very important and foundational for one in his spiritual preparation for Passover. What is the benefit of atonement? If the priest carried out the work properly not only was atonement made, but they would not die. This fact is included in the text to teach the reader of the Torah, that without atonement, G-d’s people are without the means for forgiveness.

This same truth is taught concerning the resurrection, as Paul states, if Messiah did not raise from the dead, then our proclamation and our faith are in vain (See I Corinthians 15:14). Not only that, Paul continues and states,

And if Messiah was not raised…you are yet in your sins.” I Cor. 15:17

In the same way that the Children of Israel celebrated Passover with a great joy, we too, believers in Messiah Yeshua, need to understand and express a great joy for our redemption especially during the Passover season (the seven days of unleavened bread, which includes Resurrection Sunday, which the Torah calls Resheet or first fruits).