Catching Up


Still some blooms in Israel.

The past few days have been very busy here.  We have had several Skype meetings to arrange our schedule for 2018.  It looks like it will be a very busy year.

We have been approached about a project in Europe to work with the Jewish community.  We cannot share more at this time, but we would ask that you pray about what role we should have and how we can help.

We have also worked out details for Baruch to teach some conferences in Finland in April.  There are several congregations there who have a burden for Israel and also want to learn about Israel and prophecy.  We are very excited to meet with them and encourage and study together.

Saturday evening we met at our study center to study Isaiah 17.  I thought you might like to pray for the requests shared:  many health needs (due to weather changes), rain (this is the time of year in which Israel receives all its rain) and people who went on the day trip with Michael.  Michael teaches the weekly Torah portion at our study center.  Many of you have met him at one of our National conferences.  He takes groups for day trips and shares the Gospel with them.  Please pray for those who went on his last one that their hearts will be open and he will be able to follow up with them.

Midnight from Jerusalem, our Live Stream, aired at Midnight our time, which is 5:00 pm EST in the US, 4:00 pm CST, etc.  Baruch began a study on the book of Ecclesiastes.  We’d love for you to join us live.

We’ve also had a request for more copies of the Discipleship Manual in Russian.  There are new immigrants from Russia and the Ukraine.

Baruch is also going to begin teaching a new believers class in Beersheva, beginning in February.

Finally, we have our itinerary for the next couple of months now posted on our website, listed under “Events.”  We hope you will either join us if possible or pray for us and those who come to hear sound Bible teaching.


Conference Videos Now on Youtube!


Screen shot of the opening of the videos from our Conference.

I know that it was not possible for many of you to come to our Eighth Annual conference last month.  And, I received many emails about whether the conference would be videotaped, live streamed, etc.  In the end, Gary Lambert PhD, from Seed of Abraham ministries, filmed the conference with 3 cameras and his son Doc Lambert edited them beautifully.  We hope that you will go to the channel on Youtube and:

  1.  Give it a thumbs up
  2.  Subscribe to our channel

We would also appreciate it if you would recommend our channel to your friends.

If you have never been to a Conference, this will give you an idea of what you can expect.  Deep Bible teaching, just like you get on our television show, with an intense concentration over a weekend.  Plus, you get the added benefit of being with 400+ people with the same desire to study the Word!

Thank You!


A cozy atmosphere in Cluj, Romania.

Well, 2017 has almost come to an end, and Baruch and I want to thank each of you who has supported  We appreciate it very much!  This  has been a year of growth and we have been so blessed by the response to the teaching we provide.  We receive emails from around the world, expressing thanks for solid, word for word Bible teaching.

In the coming year, we will go to some new countries, including Singapore, Finland and Australia!  Please pray for us as we continue to spread the Word.

I also just wanted to remind you of all the teaching available through  First, we have the weekly television show in English, which is broadcast around the world.  Currently, Baruch is teaching through the book of John.

Baruch’s second series is on the book of Genesis.  This is only available through our internet platforms.  You don’t want to miss out on this series.

The third teaching is our weekly “Midnight from Jerusalem” Live Stream.  Each week more people are tuning in to listen to Baruch teach about a variety of subjects and also to participate in Live Chat.

On top of this, Baruch teaches twice a week in Hebrew, on our television program as well as the weekly study at our study center.

We appreciate the generous support from you who have been touched by this work.

Update from Israel


Last night, we went to our study center for our weekly Bible study.  Baruch did a study on the time of year Messiah Yeshua was really born, which was late Spring.  We find in the Luke account that Yeshua was conceived in the 6th month on the Jewish Calendar.  Therefore, if we add 9 months, we arrive at the 3rd month of the following year.  We then continued our study in Isaiah.

At midnight Saturday night, we held our weekly Live Stream, “Midnight from Jerusalem.”  Each week we have more and more live viewers.  We enjoy chatting on the Youtube Live Chat and also sharing on our Facebook page.  Won’t you join us?

Today would be a great day to join Bible Study Company and also join the group.  Don’t wait until Saturday after the Live Stream to join.  It is free.

This is a good time to think about how you want to ramp up your walk with the L-rd this year.  Participate in a study group?  Start studying in-depth a particular book of the Bible?  Increase your prayer time and include specifically a time of intercessory prayer?

Let’s pray about how to deepen our walk with the L-rd in 2018!

TLV! (Tel Aviv)

Views of Tel Aviv.

Today we had the opportunity to go to Tel Aviv to meet with friends visiting from the States.  It was a great time of fellowship and Bible discussion.  Where they live is isolated and they do not have the benefit that many of us have for frequent fellowship with like-minded believers.

Baruch and I have been involved in several end-times conversations lately.  Some are just us and some are with other people.  We both feel the need for people to be in the Word, knowing what is coming, being prepared, sharing with others, supporting each other in prayer and encouragement.

We are working to build up the group on  This will be a great way of communication and fellowship, as well as learning from each other.  If you haven’t signed up (it’s free), please do so today.

JLM! (Jerusalem)



In the shuk,  Machane Yehuda, in Jerusalem, yesterday.

Yesterday Baruch and I went to Jerusalem, where he had a meeting and then we met with our Hebrew video editor.  We then took her out to lunch at the shuk.  I did not realize how many cute restaurants are now in the shuk, and many of them are kosher.  This one was a Lebanese restaurant and the food was excellent.


A delicious variety!

We have been blessed with excellent weather here.  The daily highs have been around 70 degrees F.  Now is the time we must pray for rain.  With warm temperatures and a lack of rain, Israel will find herself in drought problems like she has in the past.  We begin praying for rain on Shemini Atzeret.

I wanted to just briefly comment about President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  At the United Nations, there was a vote which would have required Trump to rescind his declaration on Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and not move the U.S. Embassy there.  That resolution was highly supported, but the U.S. veto killed it.  The UN does not and should not have the authority to override the President of the United States on his policies!

The Palestinians then sought a General Assembly vote to condemn the United States declaration.  That passed by support of 128 nations.  We need to pray for Nikki Haley, who is doing a great job at the United Nations.

Study/Discussion Group Opportunity

Pretty potted shrub from Amsterdam.

Today Baruch and I had the opportunity to meet with some very close friends for lunch.  We had a wonderful time discussing our families, our faith, Israel and our burden for the Lost Sheep of Israel.

We have known these friends from the States for 25 years and now all of us live in Israel.  How special it is to have friends who have more in common with you than, many times, your family.

It is very important to have people who share the same faith and outlook as you do.  Of course not everyone has lots of friends and family who are believers, but each of us should seek out some people with whom we can talk, share, and learn with concerning our faith.  Sharing prayer requests, discussing Bible verses, encouraging each other in individual ministry callings…all of these things are important.

If you do not currently have someone like that in your life, pray that G-d will bring someone with whom you can share some of these interests.  Through Bible Study Company, and their equal desire to see the body of believers supported and encouraged, we have the group on their website (  We are hoping this group will grow and that people will find encouragement and learning through like-minded people.

Joining Bible Study Company (BSC) is free.  Ric and Mary Joyner (the owners of BSC) and I will be checking in on the group regularly, but the thoughts expressed in the group are not necessarily those of or BSC.  They will be the sole beliefs of those who express them.  I will have the ability to ban someone who behaves inappropriately, so the group will maintain its integrity and objectives.

Every Saturday night after the “Midnight from Jerusalem” Live Stream, Ric will head over to the group to continue the discussion of the topic.  It will be after 1:00am Israel time and I will not be joining the discussion.  However, it is a great opportunity to meet some fellow believers and discuss the teaching you have all just heard.

This community is NOT limited to after the Saturday night Live Stream.  It is open all the time for people to contemplate Scripture, share prayer requests, etc.  This is for YOU, to fill a need which we have heard over and over when meeting with people around the world.

Please email me through the “contact” email on our website if you have any questions.