Leaving in the Morning


Tomorrow our younger daughter and I are leaving for the States.  I am very excited to be catching up with Baruch in Florida and she is looking forward to visiting the grandparents.

Don’t forget to check out Baruch’s speaking schedule on our website, under “events”.  If you are in the area, we’d love to see you.

Would appreciate your prayers, as flying is not my favorite thing to do.  And our daughter dislikes it very much too!  Thank you!

I plan to write daily updates, but will be flying all of tomorrow, so I will not post on Feb. 1.


The Promises of G-d


Beautiful rainbow photographed from our home.

We were treated with this view recently.  I’m sure everyone thinks of the promises of G-d when he or she sees a rainbow.  What a wonderful sign to comfort and reassure us that G-d remembers what He promises to us and that He will never leave us or forsake us.

Of course this does not mean that “everything will go our way” or that all of our prayers will be answered with a “yes.”  That certainly is not the case.  What it does mean, though, is that as we read the Bible, and learn of the many promises G-d has made to us, Israel, etc., we can be assured that He will honor those promises.

Many people teach that G-d is finished with the Jewish people and Israel.  They teach that Israel has “lost out” on the promises of G-d because of their disobedience.  Should that make us, as believers, somehow feel good…that supposedly G-d has given to “the church” what He promised to Israel?  NO!  This should make us feel very uneasy.  For if He gave promises to Israel and then cancelled them due to Israel’s disobedience, what would that mean to us and our salvation?  Certainly we have been disobedient to G-d.  Wouldn’t that mean that He would take salvation away from us?

G-d is faithful.  G-d never lies.  G-d never turns His back on us or lets us down.  Even though we are disobedient at times, all of us, He is faithful to His promises and the redemption we receive through the shed blood of Messiah Yeshua is for our past, present and future sins.

Let us live in the confidence we have in our salvation through Messiah Yeshua!

The Correct Parasha


On Friday, I mistakenly posted a commentary for the wrong Parasha.  Please find Baruch’s commentary for the correct one below.  May you have a blessed week!


Parashat Va’eira (And I appeared) Exodus 6:2-9:35

Haftarah: Ezekiel 28:25-29:21

In this week’s Torah portion, worship plays a major role. In other words, the reader can learn many Biblical principles in this parashah concerning how one should worship the L-rd. HaShem had previously informed Moses that the primary purpose why Pharaoh was to send forth the people (Israel), was for them to worship G-d in the desert (Exodus 7:16). In one of the conversations between Moses and Pharaoh, Pharaoh seemingly agreed to send the people forth.

Pharaoh said, ‘I will send you and you shall sacrifice to HaShem your G-d in the desert, only you shall not go too far…” Exodus 8:24

This verse actually relates only to Moses and not the Children of Israel, but the principle that this verse reveals can be applied to all people. The point is this: Pharaoh agreed for Moses to go into the desert and worship HaShem as long as he did not go too far, i.e. he could return quickly and things could return to normal. This is a “Pharaoistic” type of worship. This is the most common type of worship. Often times, people see worship as a type of obligation or something they feel is good to do, but they do not want to take worship too far away from their daily routine. For all the while they are “worshipping”, what is really on their minds is what they had left.

Biblical worship should bring about a change. It was never G-d’s intent that when the Children of Israel left Egypt to worship Him, that they would ever return to Pharaoh. Worship is inherently related to “New Life”. It is significant that even in Pharaoh’s words to Moses he understood that worship involves sacrifice (and you shall sacrifice to HaShem your G-d). New Covenant worship has the one who is worshipping as the primary sacrifice. This means we are to offer up ourselves to the purposes and plans of G-d. Paul teaches about living a worshipful life in his Epistle to the Philippians. There he writes about forgetting those things that are in the past and pressing on to the upward call of G-d in Messiah Yeshua (See Philippians 3:13-14). The message Paul wants to convey is that by means of Spirit-filled worship, things will be different. Therefore, one is not going back to those things he left when he went to worship, but by means of worship, G-d moves in us and in our situations in order to bring about changes: G-dly changes that reflect His character.

Pharaoh could tolerate Moses departing for a short while and doing his religious observance as long as he would promptly return and things were not interrupted. Realize that true worship will cause great interruption to your plans for your life. In fact, Spirit led worship will utterly destroy your life and replace it with Messiah’s life, which is to become your life.

Some of us (most of us) are attempting to worship G-d not too far away from what we have going on in our lives, so that we can return quickly and carry on with our programs for our lives. Stop this “Pharaoistic” worship and come alive in the worship that is characterized by the Spirit and the truth— then be prepared to be changed!

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Slideshow of pictures I took at Auschwitz and Birkenau.

Yesterday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  It was designated by the United Nations in 2005.  As I thought about this day and what it signifies, I couldn’t help but think about our recent visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau. 

The step-by-step progression they used to break the people physically and mentally was so brutal.  Starvation, brutality, exhaustion, and horrible living conditions were all used to make the people unable to resist in any way.  Seeing these condition in the month of December provided additional impact for me.  I do not tolerate cold weather well, and being at the death camps in winter with proper clothing but still being cold really overwhelmed me with just what the people must have suffered.  It was a life-changing experience and I would recommend that anyone who is able should make the trip there.

I would really encourage each of us to take some steps to further educate ourselves on this time in history.  Not only is it important to never forget and to have answers to those who deny, but the circumstances leading up to this catastrophe are repeating themselves and we can be prepared.  When I say be prepared, I do not mean to prevent, because I do not think that will be possible.  We read in the Bible about a time coming for the Jewish people which will be the worst they have ever endured.

But we are not to be afraid! 

“Be not afraid, for with thee I am, Look not around, for I am thy God, I have strengthened thee, Yea, I have helped thee, yea, I upheld thee, With the right hand of My righteousness.

                                                                                           Isaiah 41:10    (Young’s Literal Translation)

If you haven’t done so yet, I would encourage you to order Baruch’s e-book entitled 1335kingdom.  It gives a concise overview of the End Times and I think you would find it very helpful.  It can be found on the website 1335kingdom.com.  It is only $1.50.

At the Border

Along the Israel-Egypt border.

Yesterday Baruch and I drove along the Israeli border with Egypt.  It is Highway 12 and it doesn’t get a lot of traffic.  On August 18, 2011, there were a series of terrorist attacks along the highway.   The militants first opened fire at an Egged No. 392 bus as it was traveling on Highway 12 in the Negev near Eilat. Several minutes later, a bomb was detonated next to an Israeli army patrol along Israel’s border with Egypt. In a third attack, an anti-tank missile hit a private vehicle, killing four civilians. Eight Israelis – six civilians, one Yamam special unit police sniper and one Golani Brigade soldier—were killed in the multiple-stage attack.

After the attacks, Israel put up additional fencing along the border.  Prior to the attacks, Israel and Egypt had signed an agreement making the Sinai military-free.  After this, they came to an agreement for Egypt to put troops in the Sinai.  And now, this is even more important, as ISIS is in the Sinai.

Today, the 392 bus has resumed its route, but for a while it took a different way.  Our younger daughter went through boot camp in that area and there were no problems.

Never Alone


When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee:  (Isaiah 43:2) [photo taken in Eilat, Israel]

We know of a few people who are going through some difficult times right now.  Physical, economic, spiritual.  We all have struggles.  Some more difficult that others.  It is important for us to remember that G-d knows what we are going through and He is there with us.

I know that you know this, but it is always good to have a reminder.  Lately I have been meditating on various verses concerning worry, strength, Psalm 23 and some others. Filling our minds with Scripture is so important.  Meditating on the character of our G-d and His love for us is key to overcoming thoughts and fears we may have.

Find some key verses which speak to you and meditate on them and pray for G-d to show Himself more and more in your life.

New Feature – Baruch’s Speaking Schedule


We hope that you go to our website often to see what is new at LoveIsrael.org.  Finally, we have Baruch’s speaking schedule posted on our website!  On the home page, please click on “events” in the navigational bar.  There you can scroll down and see where Baruch will be speaking.

This trip to the States, I will join him for some of the events.  I hope to see some of you! We enjoy meeting you and appreciate the encouragement you give us.