Conference Update

Well, it will be here before you know it!  October 28-30!  I have an update.  Some have emailed me about having trouble making hotel reservations for the event.  It turns out our block was sold out but they failed to let us know.  We have secured about 20 more rooms for each night (Friday night and Saturday night) but that is the final, final amount.  No more will become available at the conference price, which is about $100/night cheaper than the current price.  If you want to stay at the Conference hotel, I would suggest that you make hotel reservations today.

On a similar note, it looks like we may max out our space for the Conference.  Registration has been brisk and we still have about 2 1/2 months to go.  Hope to see you there!


Something Interesting

While Baruch and I were in the States, I took a moment to look at the magazine section in one of the airports.  I was interested when I saw the following magazine covers:

Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world, yet we are in the news every day.  We see the United Nations and other organizations and countries around the world speaking out against us.

Israel provides freedom to its citizens like no other country in the Middle East.  But, the United Nations is continually bring resolutions against us, while saying virtually nothing about Syria, Russia, China, etc.  Does this seem rational?  No, this is the satanic influence which the Bible speaks about in the end times.

Recently Baruch spoke with a pastor from another country who said that in Baruch’s booklet that the was depressing and negative.  That there was not a lot of hope for the coming days.  I believe that his implication was that this is not what he nor others want to hear.  Most probably he is right.  However, we must speak the truth and spur believers to be prepared for what is to come.  We will suffer persecution.  Yeshua spoke of it.  We are already seeing it in many countries.  Our joy and bliss will be in the Kingdom, not here on earth.

We should be encouraged that we see prophecy coming to fruition in our midst.  That G-d is working in lives.  That He has told us what is to come.  We are not to be surprised.  It is revealed in the Scriptures.

I would encourage you to go to our website and order Baruch’s booklet for $1.50.  It is a download, full of information from the Bible and easy to read.


Shalom!  I’m sorry for the absence.  Baruch and I are in the States and just finished a conference in Grand Junction, CO.  This coming weekend we will be in Dothan, AL.  Looking forward to it.  In the future, I plan to post where Baruch will be speaking when it is at a public venue.  Also, if you have not done so, please sign up for our newsletters on our homepage at  Then you will not miss out on upcoming events and what is going on at our study center in Israel, etc. is growing quickly and we are adapting as we go along.  We appreciate all your ideas and suggestions.

May you have a blessed week!

Taping in Romania

Last Tuesday, Baruch taped our first set of television shows in our new studio in Romania.  Things went very well and the people there are so good to work with.  Our set still needs a little tweaking, but things are moving along well. We are looking forward to a long relationship with them.

Here is a little preview of the set (and the sound room where I sat while Baruch was taping). Also, for those of you who read my blog, I’ll give you the inside scoop!  The next book of the Bible we will be studying with Baruch is the book of John.

May you have a blessed Shabbat.  The Parasha this week is Parashat Chukat.  Here is a past commentary from Baruch:

Parashat Chukat (The law of) Numbers 19:1-22:1

Haftarah: Judges 11:1-33

In this week’s Torah portion we read a unique verse concerning the well from which the Children of Israel drank water. Concerning this well it was said,

Then will sing Israel this Song: Come up O’ Well They answered her.” Numbers 21:17

The first thing that stands out about this song is its similarity to that of the Song of Moses in Exodus 15:1. Both verses begin with the same phrase, “Then will sing….” It is also significant that in both verses the verb is in the future tense. Rabbinical commentators see the passage in Exodus as having a dual fulfillment. That is, the verse has relevance not only in the days of Moses, but also in the last days. The same point is applicable for the verse from Numbers.

It is also interesting that Israel sang praises to the well which provided the water, but never to HaShem Whom provided the manna. In the New Covenant one reads about the connection (symbolically) between the manna and the Messiah. In John chapter six Yeshua speaks about the bread (manna) that came down from heaven and taught the people that He is THE BREAD OF LIFE! (See John 6:48-51). Although Yeshua related Himself to the manna symbolically, the Scripture reveals a most unique relationship between Him and the well. Paul teaches that the well was Messiah (See I Corinthians 10:4). In actually it was the Rock that covered the well that was Messiah. It seems that the Rock followed the Children of Israel in the wilderness and provided them water. Wherever the Rock was the “well” was underneath. Hence it could be said that in fact the water came forth from the Rock and that there was no well in reality.

The last part of the verse admonishes the people to respond to the “well”, i.e. the source of the water. This is the important message of the Song, Israel must respond to Messiah in order to receive the “gift”. It is most significant that twice, in verses 18 and 19, the term gift is used in regard to the water. Rabbinical texts understand that the gift relates to salvation. Now it is easy to see why and how Paul taught that the Rock in the wilderness was Messiah.

In the same way the people were thirsty in the wilderness for what the Rock could provide them, so too do we need to be filled with the Spirit of Yeshua so we too can continue on our journey of following HaShem’s leadership as we press on to the upward calling that each believer has received in Messiah Yeshua.

Shabbat Shalom

Entebbe 1976

Today marks not only the Independence of the United States of America, but also the 40th anniversary of the freeing of hostages at Entebbe airport in Uganda.  The rescue took place on the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  It was during this mission that Benjamin Netanayhu’s older brother Yonatan was killed.

It was an incredible mission, rescuing 102 of the 106 hostages.  The full number of hostages at the beginning of the event was 258, but the non-Jewish passengers were released.  Only the Jewish passengers and the crew remained.

Unbelievably, after the successful resolution, the UN Security Council met to rule on a complaint that Israel committed an “act of aggression.”  Unbelievable!  So even then the United Nations was against Israel.  Thankfully, several countries supported Israel’s action.

You might consider reading some more about this event.  It was very exciting from start to finish and showed Israeli’s prowess and intelligence and commitment to saving her people.

It is now known…

…that the 13 year old girl killed in Kiryat Arba yesterday was also a U.S. citizen.  Also, her father was on the security team which raced to the house but could not save her.  Security cameras had detected the terrorist climbing over a fence into Kiryat Arba.

Also yesterday was an attack in Netanya.  A Palestinian stabbed two people before being killed by an armed civilian.

There was also a knife attack thwarted today in Hebron.

So it seems as though there is a resurgence in violence against the citizens of Israel.  Please pray for us and for our leadership to stand strong and do the right thing.


Our Work in Israel

Shalom!  I wanted to give you an update about our work here.  First of all, the study in Beersheva is going really well.  We’ve begun studying in Romans and Wednesday night we studied from chapter 3.  We studied about the righteousness of Yeshua which is upon all who put their faith and trust in Him as their Savior.  Salvation through His shed blood, not through anything we do.  This study group is so important because there are some new believers attending and they are getting a good foundation for their faith to grow in.

We also received word that the Discipleship Manual is finally ready to be printed.  We are waiting to receive printed copies so that we can begin using them.

Our weekly television broadcast and taping is going well.  We continue to be thankful for the grace we have been shown.  Baruch is able to share so much Bible truth within the limits given to us by the Israeli government.  There are just a few things Baruch is not allowed to say specifically.

Thank you so much for supporting this work.  It allows us to provide sound teaching and presentation of the Gospel message in Hebrew to those who need to hear.