News from Israel

It is a very sad day today in Israel.  A 13 year old girl from Kiryat Arba, Hallel-Yaffa Ariel, was stabbed to death in her bed this morning by a Palestinian who broke into the family’s home.  He stabbed her dozens of times.  The terrorist was killed by security forces, but an Israeli security force member was injured in the process.  The girl will be buried at 6pm local time in Hebron, which is the town where the Patriarchs are buried.

We pray for refuah shlema (a full healing) for the security officer.

Yesterday, Israel approved an agreement with Turkey in which Israel will pay Turkey millions of dollars in retribution for the flotilla altercation a couple of years ago, and in return Turkey “promises” to basically not speak out against Israel in international forums.  That is the basic agreement in a nutshell.  It is a terrible agreement for Israel.  We should not pay a penny to Turkey and I think it is pretty easy to imagine that Turkey will not follow through on its part of the agreement.  Reservists from Israel’s elite commando Shayatet 13 have petitioned against the agreement, saying that the money will go to the families of terrorists.

I am of the mindset that the terrorist attack at the Istanbul airport by (it is believed) ISIS terrorists is a warning to Turkey not to make any sort of agreements with Israel.  But I have not heard that on any news shows.

Also, I just read that the UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn compared Israel to ISIS at a news conference which was addressing the recent rash of anti-Semitic rhetoric after which some were forced to resign!

It is hard to imagine how quickly the world is spinning into chaos and evil.  I cannot imagine living in this world without my salvation in Yeshua’s work on the cross for my sins and the Word of G-d which tells us about all that is happening and will happen.

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Why am I in Romania?

Recently, Baruch and I decided to change locations for the taping of our television show in English.  Due to several factors, including price and travel considerations, we decided to move the location to Romania!  We love the people there and we are excited about our relationship with CredoTV in Romania.

So, right now I am in Romania designing the new set and making all of the preparations.  You won’t see the fruit of this trip for a while, as we have several shows in production and editing which still are waiting to be broadcast.

We are looking forward to our growing relationship with CredoTV.

A Very Short Encouragement

I was ready through my notes from the Amsterdam conference and came across a little nugget of wisdom.


“Biblically, hope is based in assurance because it is built upon the promises of G-d.”  When we recognize that that our hope is built on what the Holy, Perfect, G-d and Creator of the Universe has promised, we should feel confident and secure in the future.  In Ezekiel 36:22, G-d says that He will do according to His Name.  Name is associated with character. G-d’s character causes Him to always do perfectly within it.

So let’s remember that when we are seeking to be within the will of G-d, and seeking to be in alignment with Him, we can have confidence and assurance in our hope.

The context for this was that we should rejoice over G-d’s grace to Israel.  He has made promises to Israel, which He will keep.  G-d is not finished with Israel, and we should praise Him for that!

The Edomites

Yesterday was the last day of our conference in Amsterdam.  It was well-attended all three days and there was a very good response.  The people are encouraging, hungry for the word, and they love Israel and the Jewish people.

One of the chapters we studies yesterday was Ezekiel 35.  It is very relevant today and reminds us of the root of the struggle for the Land of Israel today.  We studied the ancestry of the “Palestinians”, which is the Edomites.  They are the descendants of Esau.  Edom always has wanted to thwart the purposes and plans of G-d.

What is important to remember is that G-d gave the sons of Esau a land of their own, which is in present-day Jordan.  However, like a spoiled child, they don’t just want their land, but they want the Land promised to Israel.  They are an enemy of the Kingdom.

It is important to remember that the battle going on today for the Land of Israel is a spiritual battle, a Biblical battle.  We need to be in prayer for the Jewish people not to agree with some sort of “peace plan” and to turn to the L-rd.

It says in Isaiah 63 that when Messiah Yeshua returns, He is going to go 3 places:  to fight the battle of Armaggedon, to the Mount of Olives, and to Edom, where He will place His Wrath upon the Edomites.

Again, we had a great time of study.  Thank you to those who attended and to those of you who prayed for the Conference.

Living a Praiseworthy Life – Ps. 119

Last night Baruch taught in Drachten, Netherlands.  He taught from Psalm 119.  Several points stood out to me and have impacted my way of thinking.  Baruch began by reminding us that we are made in G-d’s image.  What does that mean?  It means that we are called to reflect His image.  It is impossible for an unredeemed person to do that.  But we who are believers, we have died with Yeshua, and have been given the ability to live in the wisdom and strength of the Holy Spirit.

We have been called out to participate in the plans and purposes of G-d.  Do we want to be a part of that?  We need to daily read the Scriptures, pray and seek G-d and His will.  We need to give Him the opportunity to teach us His reason and His knowledge.  In verse 66, it literally says, “Because I have followed Your commandments, I believe.”  Following G-d’s commandments puts us in a position to be a good recipient for G-d’s reason and knowledge to be known to us.  We cannot separate G-d from His will, purposes and plans.

One point which really spoke to me was that we need to guard our minds to be doing what G-d has communicated to us.  We should not let what people say about us keep us from listening to G-d!  All of the things be spoken around us which distract us from listening to the L-rd must be ignored.  We must be immersed in G-d’s word and listening to Him; we must guard and keep our hearts and minds from the world.

G-d has a plan for your life!  In order to know what that plan is, you must make time available to hear from G-d.  This takes training, discipline and practice.  Pray for the desire to know G-d more and that He will reveal His plan for your life to you.  This is my prayer for myself and for you!

Tonight we begin a 3 day Conference here in Amsterdam.  Looking forward to it!