A Huge Step!

Have you noticed on our LoveIsrael.org homepage that we are going to begin broadcasting our television show on Daystar?  That is a very big step for us and we do ask for your prayers that this progress would be blessed.  We have been receiving more and more emails from people, expressing joy and thanksgiving with Baruch’s verse-by-verse teaching.  There is not much Bible teaching like that around today.

We know that believers must be deep in the word as the times get more and more difficult.  Please pray that many people would be drawn to the program.  You can check out the times of broadcast in your area by checking our homepage at LoveIsrael.org.


A Very Special Gift


While we were in Romania, some very dear friends gave us this antique copy of the Shulchan Aruch.  The Shulchan Aruch is a book written by Yosef Karo in the 16th century.  It is a codification of Halacha.  This writing is considered scripture within Orthodox Judaism.  It has explanation on how to follow the laws in the Bible.  For example, how to keep Shabbat, how to light Shabbat candles, what activities are permitted on a Yom Tov, etc.  It is studied by all religious Jews.

We are so honored to receive this beautiful gift and will treasure it dearly.

Alba-Iulia, Romania

Here are some pics from Alba-Iulia.  On the bottom left, just a tiny view of the totally full sanctuary from the Conference.  Next to it is a little pic of the synagogue being restored.  It was covered and I couldn’t get a good shot.  The rest of the pictures were taken at the Jewish cemetery.  You can see one of the many, many stones which are in disrepair.

The stone on the upper right commemorates and memorializes the Jewish people from Alba-Iulia who were murdered during the Holocaust.  They actually buried soap which was made from the ashes of the victims.  It was a very somber time.

We were so blessed to get a private tour of the cemetery.  The pastor of the church where Baruch taught Sunday night and all day Monday at the Pastor’s conference arranged it.  The head of the Jewish community and a member of the municipality and the caretaker took us around to the various parts of the cemetery….from graves over 400 years ago to one that is from 2 years ago.  The picture on the bottom right is from inside a family crypt.

We were so grateful to be able to learn about the Jewish community in Alba-Iulia.

The Cluj Neolog Synagogue

This is the Neolog Synagogue in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  This synagogue was built for the Neolog community, which is not Orthodox.  It is now called the Synagogue of the Martyrs. It is the only functioning  synagogue in the city.  It was damaged a couple of different times and lastly restored in 1951.  It is dedicated to the memory of those deported and killed in the Holocaust.

Cluj-Napoca is considered the capital of Transylvania.  The first record of Jewish inhabitants was in the late 1400s.  In the 17th and 18th centuries, Jews were only allowed to settle in one city, Alba-Yulia.  That is the city which Baruch and I were in on Sunday night and all day Monday last week.  I will be posting about Alba-Yulia next.

There were over 16,000 Jewish residents of Cluj which were deported during the Holocaust.  Now there are about 500.

The Ukraine Conference – Cherkassy


Baruch had the opportunity to teach a conference in Cherkassy, Ukraine.  This is the poster the produced, advertising the event.  He spoke Friday, Saturday, Sunday at our conference and then on Monday he taught a Pastor’s conference.  The turnout was very good for all events.

A Personal Encounter with Anti-Semitism

We want to share with you what happened while Baruch was in the Ukraine. I did not accompany him to all locations. After speaking at one of the conference sessions, a Messianic leader came up to him and asked if he was willing to come to his Messianic congregation to speak. Baruch was happy to do so.

While Baruch was there, there was banging on the windows and doors and yelling. At the time, Baruch did not know what it was. Afterward, it was explained to him that those were neo-nazis who were banging and yelling that they knew who the people were inside and that they were going to come soon to kill them!

Anti-semitism is very real! It is going on around the world and getting worse. Everyone needs to educate himself and tell others what is happening and how it is pure evil. Over the centuries, the Jewish people have lived amongst the nations and prospered them. They have built hospitals and schools, contributed greatly to the arts and culture, and helped the economic condition everywhere they have lived. And yet, many people hate them. Does this seem normal to you? The answer is no. We are talking about satanic hatred.

We know that in the end times, all nations will rise up against Israel. We must stand up and be a voice for the Jewish people.


This week I had the double pleasure of overseeing the t’vila of a bride the night before her wedding and also attending her wedding.

Tuesday night, a group of ladies (including me) went to the beach at night.  No one was around.  There, we formed a line of modesty while the bride entered the Mediterranean for her t’vila.  It was very meaningful for all of the ladies there to be able to participate in this very important, ancient, Biblical ritual.

A mikve is used to change the status of a person or thing.  Utensils are immersed in a mike as are people.  In this case, it is to change her status from ritually “unclean” to “clean” in preparation for her groom.

Let’s pray for Alona and Alex as they begin their new life together.