Exciting Announcement!

Have you read Baruch’s book Without a Friend?  Well, many people told us that they love it, but they would like to have a simplified chronology and explanation of the Last Days.  Guess what?  Baruch just finished writing a downloadable booklet which does just that. It is called 1335kingdom It is available NOW on its own website, linked below.  It is available for the nominal cost of $1.50.  We will be adding several languages in the future, including Hebrew, Spanish, Farsi, Romanian, Russian and Dutch.

Please check it out:





Meditating on this Today!

Great passage of Scripture to remember DAILY: “For G-d shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” Ecclesiastes 12:14


What is a Sh’rav, you ask?  It is a hot, dry  wind.  In our case it comes into Israel from the African desert.  It is very similar to a Hamseem.

Today in our city it is 99 degrees F right now.  Tomorrow the high is projected to be 77 degrees F.  So, it usually is a very brief change in the weather.


A beautiful view from my [hot] walk today.

This weekend, beginning Thursday evening, there will be 2 “Shabbats” in a row.  That means that everything here will be closed from Thursday evening to Saturday evening.  Lots of food planning to do for those two days.  We hope that you are having a meaningful Feast.  Blessings!


If you listen to Baruch teach long enough, you will hear him mention that in the Bible, when women are prominent in the passage, the topic is usually about redemption.  Today I was reading an article about the prominence of women in the history of the Jewish people. At this time of year, it is understandable to remember the importance of women in the whole story of Passover.

We remember the faithfulness of the midwives.  They risked their own lives in order to preserve the Jewish people.  We think of Miriam, Moses’ sister, who placed him in the basket.  And even Pharoah’s daughter played a role in the preservation of the Children of Israel.

All of these women played a significant role in raising the generations which were to receive the Torah at Sinai and later enter the Promised land, the everlasting inheritance of the Jewish people.

This is just a reminder to be devoted to the calling G-d has for you, so that you will be in a position to do the work He has planned for you.  We shouldn’t just be waiting around.  We need to make sure that we are in a place to be obedient to His calling and will for our lives.

Chag Sameach!

Even with this being the Feast of Unleavened Bread, it will be a busy week.  Since the new day begins at sundown, this means the week began Saturday night.  Last night we had a great study of the first part of Luke 11.  One of the things we discussed was that G-d has His will and purpose for everything and we need to be in submission to His will (see verse 2).  Another subject we discussed was in verse 3 how we are to ask for our daily bread.  This shows our daily reliance/dependence upon Him.  We are not to ask for a month’s supply of food, just what we need for each day.  A third aspect we discussed, from verses 5 through 8, was that we need to be persistent in our prayers.

On another note, I wanted to show you 2 benefits of living in the Land during Pesach.  Spilling out of the bag is kosher for Pesach bread from a local cafe and the other item is a package of kosher for Pesach chocolate cake.  Yummy.


Later this week, we will be participating in the t’vila (immersion) of two people from our Beersheva study.  I hope to post a couple of pictures here on the blog.

Wishing you a blessed day.  According to the Jewish calendar, this is Resurrection Sunday today!


Chag Sameach!

Hello All.  Are you preparing for the seder tonight?  That is what I am doing right now.  We want to wish you all a very blessed Pesach.  May it be very meaningful for you.  Blessings!

Make Matza with Me!

We made it home to Israel yesterday afternoon and immediately went to Beersheva for Baruch to teach our Wednesday night Bible Study there.  Today we got up early to finish our pre-Passover cleaning and to get our groceries.

Tonight, I made gluten-free matzo and the layered salad for the seder.  Technically, gluten-free by nature is not “official” matzo, because it is not made from flour.  I used a flour substitute made from potatoes.  Since those suffering from Celiac Disease cannot eat flour, there is an exemption.

The pictures posted here are from my attempt to make the gluten-free matzo.  The only ingredients I used were:  g-f “flour”, water, and a tiny bit of salt.  What is important with making the matzo is that from the moment the flour and water combine until the time the matzo is taken out of the oven cannot be more than 18 minutes.


Here is what the layered salad looks like.  I posted the recipe earlier.  This salad is good to make the day before, but don’t put the dressing on until about an hour or so before serving.  On the package of the carrots, it says “Israeli Carrots”.

Baruch and I wish you all a blessed Pesach!