Hyderabad, India


In the market, Hyderabad, India.  June 20. 

We arrived in Hyderabad, India, last night.  It was all new for me, but Baruch has been here once before, in 2016.  At that time, Baruch spoke to a large crowd outside in mass evangelical meetings, which were sponsored by the Gospel Association of India under the leadership of Yesu Padam. This time, we are with Joseph John, who many of you know shared at our National Conference in Orlando last year.  Baruch will be teaching Friday night, Shabbat and Sunday morning at Joseph John’s congregation.

Today Baruch joined me for a short tuk tuk ride (remember them from Cambodia?).  We saw some very interesting sites.

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This evening we met with Leader Joseph John and his family for a lovely dinner and fellowship.  We look forward to spending time with them and those who come to the speaking events.

We learned a lot about India this evening–the different regions and their uniqueness to each other.  It is amazing to me the number of languages spoken here and how the country can function with so many divisions.  The Hindu religion is by far the largest, comprising 80.5% of the population, followed by Muslim with 13.4% and Christian with 2.3%.  It is actually the Hindus who are more violent and abusive toward the Muslims and Christians.  The women and girls are particularly at risk.

The men on the left played traditional music throughout our dinner.  On the right is some of the traditional food of Southern India.

This evening we had dinner with Joseph, his wife Susan and their children.  We had such a nice time getting to know Joseph’s family!

The food was excellent, with several breads and vegetable dips and spreads.  The presentation was similar to the traditional food we had in Ethiopia, even though the dishes themselves are different.  Several of the items were spicy (and yummy)!




We were once again in Singapore, teaching for the ICM Bible college.  This brief stop was very busy.  We arrived on June 16 in the afternoon and Baruch taught 4 hours that evening.  The next day, we had a lunch meeting/gathering.  Several people from our Israel Study Tour were there, along with representatives of ICM. We received much information about major changes taking place in Asia which are affecting believers. It was a special treat to reconnect with our friends from Singapore who joined our Israel Study Tour in May.  We always love to hear how a trip to Israel has impacted someone’s life.


That  same day in the afternoon, I had tea with a couple of ladies who lead a women’s ministry here in Singapore.  They were kind enough to share with me about their ministry and to invite me to speak to their ladies when Baruch and I return in September.  I look forward very much to this event!

Baruch then taught the class again that evening.  We met several wonderful people and prayed with a woman who is a new believer, and growing rapidly.  Praise the L-rd!

Baruch then stayed up for the 3:00 am taping of his radio show for the Sirius XM radio broadcast. Although the second half of the program is recorded, it must be done in a studio where the panel has assembled. Baruch simply calls in and participates in the discussion.

Today, we had afternoon tea with a lovely lady who connects people together to further the Ministry of the Gospel and with the Pastor who arranged for Baruch to speak at a congregation in Seoul, South Korea in September.  We hope that this trip will help us grow our work in Asia.

This evening was the last class session.  The students and visitors were all wonderful people and very grateful for the class.

Tomorrow we press on to India.

A Small City Tour


Something you see all the time in Cambodia….Hello Kitty on scooter helmets!

Whenever we go to a new location, we do not know what to expect.  Even when Baruch is teaching a course to Bible students, what the class will be like varies.  This class, in Phnom Penh, is made up of all men who are pastors.  Baruch had a great time teaching them today and they really enjoyed seeing his Hebrew Bible!

I did not go to the class today because I had a great deal of work to get done.  I will not go tomorrow, as no women are in the class.

Today I got my work done and then around 3:00 pm I took a tuk tuk (motorized rickshaw) so see a little bit of the city.  It only cost $8.00 US!  The driver stopped at various places to let me get out to take pictures.


My driver in his tuk tuk.

First we drove past the Royal Palace.  The image here is from the internet, as the complex is surrounded by a wall and I couldn’t take a good photo.


Here is a slideshow of some of the sites from today:

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I did a little reading and found that Cambodia has the highest percentage of Buddhists of any country in the world (97%).  I really knew nothing about this religion.   Buddhists do not believe in an eternal soul.  According to Buddhism there ultimately is no such thing as a self in any being or any essence in any thing.  But then they go on to say that  there is some sort of consciousness which exists as a continuum and is the mechanistic basis of what undergoes rebirth, rebecoming and redeath (some sort of reincarnation).

It is very sad to travel around this city knowing that almost everyone you see literally has no knowledge of the One True G-d and the salvation we can have through Messiah Yeshua.

Landed in Cambodia. A First Look.


In the capital city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Without researching ahead of time, we landed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, interested to see what we would find.  The first thing I was pleased about is that it is currently 94 degrees Fahrenheit!  That’s my kind of weather.

I had obtained our visas ahead of time (over the internet), so going through passport control was simple.

We could not find an ATM which would give us Cambodian money, but it turns out that the taxi drivers and many other places will take US dollars.

We headed to our hotel, which was an interesting ride.  We always enjoy seeing a new city.


The way most people get around…

Cambodia was under French rule from 1863-1953.  The Vietnam War spilled into Cambodia and then there was a Cambodian-Vietnamese War from 1979-1991. Cambodia has a per capita income which is low compared to its neighbouring countries, but it does have one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.

What is important to note for us is that the official religion of Cambodia is Buddhism, which constitutes about 96.9% of the population.  Christianity is only 0.4%!  So you can image how few educational opportunities there are for believers here who want to lead congregations!  We are so happy that we could come participate in educating some of these leaders.


Hong Kong Stopover (and riot)


The crowd gathering…

[I am writing this June 13 Hong Kong time]  June 12 we landed in Hong Kong.  We had to stay one night because we could not get good connections to Cambodia.  When we were catching a taxi to the hotel, we were informed that they didn’t know if they would be able to get us there, due to demonstrations.  The people of Hong Kong are protesting a bill which would allow people to be extradited from Hong Kong to mainland China.  As you can imagine, the people are very upset by this.

Our taxi driver was on his phone the entire time, getting updates.  He was very nice and was able to get us to the hotel so that we didn’t have to walk through the crowds with our suitcases.

As the time went on, the crowds got larger and a riot ensued.  Police used tear gas and water cannons and rubber bullets on the crowds.  The international news agencies covered it quite extensively.

We walked to an adjoining mall and found all the stores closed (it was about 6:00pm).  However, it was full of hundreds of young people who were sitting down in protest.


The weather last night.

In the morning (5:00 am), there streets were empty, other than a very large number of police officers.  We were able to make it easily to the airport, where we are now sitting.  We will be heading to Cambodia this morning, where Baruch will be teaching a short course on prophecy at a Bible College.


I look forward to sharing Phnom Penh, Cambodia with you!

Enlace (Spanish) Update — Please Share


Last week, I received a very encouraging email from our Spanish Team Leaders, Jose and Carrie Rivera.  They gave me an update on traffic to the Spanish Facebook page and my blog, which Jose translates into Spanish.  They noticed that this traffic increased significantly after the broadcast of our television show.

We are convinced that reaching the Spanish-speaking world is of utmost importance.  Several people had encouraged us to begin this work and we praise the L-rd for His provision of a great couple to lead the team, as well as a skilled person to do the voice-over, Einstein Guzman.

We would ask that you please pass along to all of your Spanish-speaking friends and family members that LoveIsrael.org is now available in Spanish through the following media:

Television show broadcast on Enlace Television Network:    12:30 pm (EDT U.S.) which is 10:30 am Costa Rica time, etc. on FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS AT 4:00 PM EDT

Spanish Facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/amarasaisrael613/

Spanish Website https://www.amarasaisrael.org

LoveIsraelConnection blog in Spanish. https://conexionamarasisrael.org


Check This Out!


This is a screen shot of a special television series Baruch did for Finnish TV7 (It is aired also in Sweden and Estonia with proper language subtitles).  It is the first of a four-part series  that is airing in the month of June.  Baruch is teaching in English with Finnish subtitles.  This is not our normal weekly program which is seen internationally. Our weekly program will begin in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and Russia on TV7 in August. We are very appreciative to TV7 for being easy to work with and for our Northern Europe LoveIsrael team who is working very hard to broaden our ministry throughout Northern Europe.

Use the link below to watch the show.