Today at Daystar in Dallas


Today, Baruch and I were at the Daystar studios in Dallas.  I always enjoy going there.  They are very professional and the sets are beautiful.  Baruch was interviewed live on the “Marcus and Joni” show and he was also interviewed for “The Green Room” show (see above).  The Green Room episode will air at a later date.

Carrol, who arranged our conference in Dallas, also came to the studio while Baruch was interviewed.  He has been very supportive and has spoken to several people in leadership who want to schedule another conference!  It is very encouraging to meet people who are serious about the Word of G-d and are excited to study it.

As I type this, Israel is being bombarded with rockets which are being shot out of Gaza.  We would ask for your prayers, as we hate to be away from our children during times like these.  But, we are in constant contact with them and they are all currently safe.

With the current situation, it was nice to be around believers who are concerned for Israel and pray for her peace.


Sunday Events


Teaching at a combined Sunday School meeting this morning.

This morning Baruch and I returned to North Side Baptist Church in Weatherford, TX, where he spoke at a combined Sunday school class.  The leader asked for Baruch to teach an overview of where we are right now on the prophetic timeline.  The people were attentive and very interested in the topic.  We found the people at North Side to be very supportive of Israel and interested in Bible study.

In the main service, Pastor Houser made an effort to highlight and we truly appreciate the hospitality and use of their facility.


Our contact for this weekend, and the person who arranged everything, was Carrol Aycock (below).  He made a special trip to Minnesota in October to meet us in person and invite us to the Dallas area to speak!  He and his wife, Blossom, are delightful people who love the L-rd.


Baruch with Carrol.

I want to remind you that Baruch will be at Daystar tomorrow and below is the information concerning the live broadcast:


Texas Conference

At our conference in Weatherford, TX (near Dallas)

Baruch and I met up in Dallas, TX on Thursday.  I had a very good visit with his parents but it was great to be with him again.  Friday and today we held our Conference.  North Side Baptist Church in Weatherford was kind enough to host the event.  They promoted our conference on our website and provided music.

The topic of the conference was “Yeshua and the Passover”.  Our understanding is that the conference sessions were videotaped.  When we get them, we will post them on our Youtube channel.

Tomorrow Baruch will be teaching again at North Side at their 9:30am Adult Sunday School. They have asked that he teach on Israel and where we are in the prophetic timeline.

Don’t forget that we will be at Seed of Abraham Fellowship in Merritt Island, FL on March 26 and 27.  Baruch will be teaching 4 sessions on the book of Joel.  We hope that those of you in the area will join us!

On Monday, Baruch and I will be going to the Daystar studio.  Baruch will be taping a show for Marcus and Joni and he will also be giving a 15 minute message which will be broadcast live.



A new Biblically Inspired Life video was posted today.

Purim begins Wednesday evening, March 20 and ends Thursday evening, March 21.  This Biblical holiday is found in the book of Esther.  We’d like to encourage you all to read the account and learn more about this important holiday.


Ariel view of the farms of Illinois.

After over 36 hours of travel, I made it to my destination.  There was ice and other delays, but I made it safely.  I appreciate the prayers!

We look forward to our first conference in the Dallas area.  Please check out the “events” section of our website for details of our schedule during our time in the U.S.

Below is the link to Baruch’s new article about Purim:

Israel Update and Travel Day


Photo from the IDF, published on the

There was a terrorist attack this morning just outside the city of Ariel, in Samaria.  One Israeli was killed and another is in critical condition.  It is my understanding that the one who was killed was an Israeli soldier.  The terrorist then stole the soldier’s weapon and shot others in the area.

There are now closures at the entrance to a few of the Palestinian towns in the area to try to find the terrorists and protect the Jewish inhabitants in the area.

Unfortunately, there are elections coming up, so all of the candidates are using this for political leverage.  But, the reality is we (Israel) have enemies all around us and no amount of negotiations or compromises is going to change it.  Evil will only be happy with Israel’s destruction.

Today I am traveling from Stockholm to Illinois!  It will take me about 24 hours from the time I got up this morning to get there.  Baruch is still doing some speaking in Sweden today.  He will catch up with me in Dallas.  I just spoke with him and his speaking at the Church workers’ conference went well.  It was a quite large conference.


In Stockholm Today


Even in the cold weather, beautiful tulips today!

Our Northern Europe team arrived today.  We had a meeting with them and also took a walk together around the Old Town.  Old Town (Gamla Stan) is several centuries old and is full of beautiful, old buildings.

We also came across a large group of young people protesting Climate Change.  While we firmly agree that we should not abuse the planet or animals, which G-d created, it is sad to see the young generation being taught a G-dless existence.  The world today is so focused on humanity and every minutiae  that they do not seek G-d and His Righteousness and Kingdom.


Protesting students in Stockholm today.

Tomorrow Baruch will be teaching at a church workers’ conference.  Our team leaders believe that Sweden is at a critical point.  Even within the believing community, there is such a lack of Biblical knowledge.  We look forward to this opportunity to encourage the community to seek the L-rd in His Word.

Sunday I will arrive in the States.  We look forward to sharing in Dallas, Merritt Island (FL) and the San Diego areas.

The Torah Portion this week is Parashat Vayikra.  The reading is Leviticus 1:1-5:26.  In this reading, G-d calls to Moses from the Tent of Meeting and communicates to him the laws of the animal and meal offerings brought in the Sanctuary.

Rockets in Israel


Photo I took in Tel Aviv the last time I was there.

There is an app which can be downloaded which rings whenever sirens sound in Israel because of incoming rockets.  Well, tonight Baruch and I were here in Stockholm, when his phone went off and rockets are being shot at Tel Aviv!  We immediately called our daughter who lives there and she heard not only sirens but also “booms”.  I looked online and it said that one rocket was shot out of the air by the iron dome and the other one landed in an open area.

Please pray for Israel and her leaders.

Baruch and I arrived in Stockholm, Sweden today.  Our team arrives tomorrow and we will have meetings and Baruch will be speaking over the weekend.  I will be leaving late Saturday night to head to the States.  I will be helping out our parents.  We would appreciate your prayers for the meetings here in Sweden and also for my travels (3 planes to get there).


Blue skies.  It was smooth flying to Stockholm today.