Looking Back and Looking Forward

Today on the side steps of the synagogue (L) and scenes from a ghetto (R) in Cluj, Romania.

Today we took leaders of another ministry to the ghetto and synagogue in Cluj.  I have written here about them before.  We thought it was important for them to understand the history of the Jewish people in the area.

Monday night, Tuesday night and this afternoon we took them to meet with people we know in both the Messianic community and the church community.  We discussed with all of them the future of Jewish communities leading up to the end times.  We talked about the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

We are so glad to tape and broadcast our television show in Romania.  There is an interest and love for Israel amongst the believing community in Romania and we would like to see it grow.

Tomorrow morning we return to Israel, where Baruch will tape an episode of the Hebrew television show, teaching at a Messianic synagogue Friday night, and teaching at our study center Saturday night.

Making Connections in Romania


Monday and Tuesday we had the opportunity to connect a ministry on a fact-finding mission with some locals here in Romania.  This group has a like-minded heart for the Jewish people and we wanted to be able to encourage them in their efforts.  The meetings went well.  We have another one today.

Monday Baruch taped the next set of television shows.  I want to explain that the date shown as the loading of the videos is not the same as when the videos become available to the public.  Therefore, you may see that the last video was loaded up a month ago or more, but that does not mean it is not a new video.  We are now coordinating when new videos are made public to coincide with the broadcast on television.  There will be one new video teaching each week.

Tomorrow morning we return to Israel and Friday evening Baruch will be preaching at a Messianic congregation in our city.

Movement of People


Part of a wall of names of those Jewish citizens of Prague exterminated during the Holocaust.

We know that anti-Semitism is on the rise.  We also know that in the last days, the Jewish people will be brought back to the Land.  How are these two facts related?  I believe that G-d is using this terrible belief to cause more and more Jewish people to return to the land (Aliyah) and thereby fulfilling prophecy.

Baruch has done some teaching for another organization here in Israel which deals with new immigrants and ministers to the homeless  They are seeing an increase in the number of Jewish people from Eastern Europe and from the former Soviet Union regions, including the Ukraine.  Most Ukrainians also know Russian and we are provide the Discipleship Manual to ministries to distribute to some of these people.

As I’ve said before, there is also the leader of a Messianic congregation in Ashdod taping our Saturday night study and translating it into Russian.  Effort is being made to make people aware of Baruch’s teaching videos which are dubbed into Russian and Ukrainian for CNL television.

We trust that these steps are getting the Gospel message to Jewish and non-Jewish people in Russia and the Ukraine as well as Jewish people who have immigrated to Israel. Thank you for helping to make this work possible.

Shabbat Shalom!


In this week’s Torah reading, Moses sends out spies to bring back a report to the people concerning the Promised Land. Although the Land was good and most desirable, the majority of the spies (ten of the twelve) and all the people did not want to take possession of it. The reason for this was due to the inhabitants of the Land— for they were like giants. In other words, the opposition to G-d’s will for the Jewish people was insurmountable in the eyes of the people, yet in the end, the Children of Israel did in fact take possession of the Land as HaShem had stated.

Today, if one were to scout out this same Land, the Land of Canaan, what would one find? The first thing that one must realize is the Land of Canaan is also known as Judea and Samaria. This is what those who prefer not to use Biblical terminology call the “West Bank”. Praise G-d that today more Jewish people live in this area than any other time since the destruction of the Temple. The Jewish population of Judea and Samaria is 464,279 or 17% of the total population for that area. However, the non-Jewish (vastly Islamic) population is 2,266,773 or 83% (CIA World Fact Book). Instead of Israel increasing her presence in Judea and Samaria (as Scripture teaches), it seems that just the opposite is occurring. With more and more calls to punish Israel economically, Israel’s Prime Minister changed his pre-election promise and is calling again for a two-State solution. No doubt this is an attempt to appease Israel’s critics around the world.

If one scouts out the area promised to the Jewish people in Genesis 15:18, he would find that not only are Israelis grossly out numbered, but there is a growing fervency among Islam to destroy the State of Israel and the Jewish people altogether. The Islamic State (ISIL) is present in the Gaza Strip. They are also growing in their control of Syria and Iraq, despite America’s opposition. They are also encouraging Muslims in Judea and Samaria to join their efforts and there is a real concern that this is beginning to take place, at least from an ideological standpoint.

The stability of Jordan weakens every day, with more and more refugees taking a toll on the Jordanian economy. No one knows how many of these refugees are actually infiltrators from ISIL. According to Israeli newspapers, Iran is stating today that they are going to grow more active in the Syrian conflict and this means Hezbollah as well will increase its efforts against the Free Syrian Army and ISIL. There is clearly an increase in the tension in and surrounding Israel. This tension is also fueled by a growing instability in the region. For those who are considering a visit to Israel, I would still strongly encourage you to come. Israel is still very safe! However, one needs to remember that the Bible speaks of a war that will take place primarily in the Middle East that will affect much of the world. It will be this conflict that will be a catalyst for the Anti-Christ to rise to power.

I wonder what Joshua and Caleb would advise Israel’s leaders? What would they say to the European Union, the Arab League, the United Nations, and the President of the United States? I think it may be very similar to what Joshua said to the Children of Israel, “Choose this day whom you will serve.”

I read of an Israeli paper about a Jewish family that is leaving Israel. They look at the situation and are convinced that dark days are ahead for this nation. They are partly correct, dark days are ahead, but leaving is not the proper action. One needs to remember that the redemption of the Jewish people took place in darkness. This was true for the first redemption in Egypt (See Exodus 12:29) and for the redemption that Yeshua purchased (See Matthew 27:45). Dark times and difficult circumstances are exactly what will bring Israel to look to Messiah Yeshua in faith.

I am so glad that our G-d can take evil and work it for good. Remember, He does not cause the evil (naturally, because of free will, evil is an option that G-d allows and will punish), but He can use it and accomplish His will in spite of the evil choices that man makes.

Romania Next Week


Next week we will be heading to Romania.  Baruch will be taping the next set of television shows from the book of John.  We are now posting new videos on the internet once a week to coordinate with the television broadcast.

Our connection with Romania is growing and it is totally being controlled by HaShem. We did not seek it, but we are very excited about it.  This trip, we will be meeting with some new people and helping them with their ministry.  We appreciate finding ministries with which we share common beliefs and direction and can work together to further the Kingdom.  Please pray for this trip as some impactful connections are made.


Looking Back at Brussels


With Yehoshua and Laura while in Brussels.

Yehoshua is the leader of the congregation Ohr Moshiach in Romania.  He arranged the conferences in Vienna and Brussels, and we try to visit their congregation whenever we can.  For the Brussels conference, Laura did an excellent job translating for Baruch.

Please pray for the believers in Brussels.  While researching the presence of Islam in Belgium, I learned some interesting facts.  First, Brussels is the jihadist capital of Europe. Second, there are “no-go zones” in Brussels.  There is a lot of uncertainty and things are poised to only get worse there.  The European Union has accepted so many immigrants that they are unwilling to investigate any suspicious behavior because it will be seen as “intolerant.”  We found a similar situation in Vienna, where the muslim population is expected to double in the next 30 years.


New on LoveIsrael.org Youtube Channel


A screenshot of the new LoveIsrael.org Youtube playlists.

I wanted to let you know about something new we have been working on here at LoveIsrael.org.  We have added 2 new playlists to our channel–Hebrew and Russian.  The Hebrew videos were previously housed only on Vimeo, but Vimeo has a terrible search engine for the Hebrew language and it was very hard for new people to find Baruch’s videos in Hebrew.  We have now loaded the videos onto Youtube for easier searching and immediately the number of views has increased many times over.

The Russian videos are being loaded up by Michael, who many of you have met at one of our Annual Conferences in Orlando.  He also teaches the weekly Parasha (Torah portion) at our Saturday night study. Michael is working very hard to increase the number of both Russian and Ukrainian speakers who are connecting to our work. We are very thankful for the great work he is doing in expanding our work in Israel, Russia and the Ukraine.

We are putting together a team to take Baruch’s videos and dub them into Spanish. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and we are committed to provide our teaching to Spanish speakers. We are very grateful for those who have volunteered so far to assist with this project.