Hanukkah Message for our Hebrew Show


Yesterday we taped our weekly television show in Hebrew.  This one was a special Hanukkah message.  These television shows are taped in our home.  Above is the actual view for the program.

Below is the “behind the scenes” of our home “studio” for our Hebrew television show.


I thought you might enjoying seeing a little bit of what we do.  Shabbat Shalom!

The Miracle of the Oil

Donuts from the bakery by our home.

Hanukkah is an eight day holiday.  The story of the victory of the Jewish people over the Syrian-Greeks is not found in the Tenach, but is recounted in the Book of Maccabees, one of the fourteen books of the Apocrypha.

The Temple was desecrated by the Syrian-Greeks and used as a pagan shrine.  When the Maccabees won independence for the Jewish people, the Temple had to be cleansed.

According to the Talmud, after the Temple had been cleansed and the Priests were ready to rekindle the seven-branched menorah, they could find only one jug of oil which had not been desecrated–enough to keep the menorah burning for one day.  Miraculously, the oil kept burning for eight days.

The menorah in the Temple had seven branches.  A Hanukkiah is similar to a menorah, but has one more branch, plus a place for the helping candle.  We will talk about that in a later post.

This account is not found in the Book of Maccabees, but it is the generally accepted reason for the observance of Hanukkah for eight days.

Due to the miracle of the oil, oil is a symbol of Hanukkah.  Therefore, donuts, which are deep-fried, are symbolic of the jug of oil which miraculously burned for eight days.

Chodesh Tov! Hello Kislev!



Today is the first day of the Hebrew month of Kislev.  This is the month of Hanukkah.  The sign of Kislev here in Israel is the arrival of doughnuts in the bakeries.  I will be sharing some of the pretty creations throughout the month.

The holidays observed in Judaism today are divided into major holidays and minor holidays. A major holiday is one which is mandated in the Torah.  All major holidays are observed as rest days, with the same prohibitions against work as apply to the Sabbath.

I’m sure you know that Hanukkah is not mentioned in the Tenach (Old Testament) but is mentioned in the New Testament (John 10:22). “And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication, and it was winter.”  Hanukkah in Hebrew means “dedication”.

In 165 BC, led by the Hasmonean family of Mattathias the Priest and his eldest son, Judah (called “the Maccabee”), the Jewish people succeeded in evicting the Syrian-Greeks from Israel.  Religious freedom was restored and the Temple in Jerusalem, which the Syrian-Greek king Antiochus IV had converted into a pagan shrine, was cleansed, restored, and rededicated.

Those of you familiar with history will know that under Roman rule, people were allowed to keep their culture; the Romans just wanted their money.  But, under Greek rule, individuals were expected to become Hellenized (adopt the Greek culture).

Hanukkah is an eight day holiday, which we will talk about tomorrow.

The Bread Recipe


Maybe some of you remember seeing this bread from a previous post?  I had requests for the recipe, so I’m giving it to you below!  This is an Italian bread with a sweetness to it.  It goes well with pasta, etc., and also makes great gondola sandwiches.  Note, I use a bread machine, so “resting”, “kneading”, etc. are not in my directions.


1 T oil

1 egg

3 1/2 c flour

1/2 c sugar

1 t salt

2 t yeast

1 c warm water

I place all the ingredients in my bread machine and press the “dough” button.  It takes 1 1/2 hours. When it is completed, I take it out and make it into 2 long, thin loaves and bake it on a lightly floured pan at 375 degrees until it is brown on top.  Baruch and I have eaten this bread since our childhood.  Love it!

What is Your Ministry?


Do you have a ministry?  Each one of us, as believers, is called to a ministry.  As a young mother, I often heard, “Your children are your ministry”.  Of course that was true, but I also did all of the administrative work and LOTS of entertaining for the people in our congregations over the years.  Baruch and I have been in ministry together since the day we got married, 30 years ago this summer.

But not everyone is called to full time ministry.  But everyone can still work in ministry.  I know people who lead Bible studies, volunteer at shelters or soup kitchens, open their home to host various Bible studies and meetings for their ladies’ group or congregation. There are limitless opportunities to minister, without taking up huge amounts of time.   G-d has given each one of us talents and opportunities to use to further His Kingdom. Pray for Him to reveal to you what your ministry is.

Something to consider is maybe your circumstances have changed.  As I’ve written previously, our children are all now grown and I have more time to devote to LoveIsrael.org.  In fact, I work full time, but without salary.  Perhaps this is the perfect time for you to contemplate the next season of your life and how you could serve the L-rd in a more structured capacity.

For those of you who did not attend our conference, let me share with you a little bit about our new program.  Currently, we broadcast on Daystar (domestically in the U.S. and around the world), SuperChannel 55 (Central Florida), Romania and others (check the full list on LoveIsrael.org).  We also broadcast on several internet platforms, including Roku and Amazon Fire TV.  Many people are not aware that to watch internet TV is free but for us to broadcast it is NOT free.

We are looking for people who would like to coordinate giving for the city they live in or who would like to coordinate giving for one of the new countries we are hoping to broadcast on–India (already have a coordinator), Russia, the Ukraine (need met for 2017), or to raise funds for our Internet platforms. This can be done through organizing informative Bible studies, approaching your friends and family, etc.  This is to try to reach out to people who are currently not supporting this work and maybe are not aware of our Bible teaching.  If you would like more information, please email me at RivkaK@loveisrael.org.

Bible Study


Do you have a favorite place to do your Bible study?  Do you assemble a special notebook and pen and maybe tea or coffee?  Comment below your surroundings during your Bible study and your favorite drink.  I study in the living room with some flavor of tea…it varies.

What are you currently studying?  Comment below.  Also would love to hear if you’ve read Baruch’s 1335Kingdom.

Shavuah Tov!


Hello Everyone!  Thank you so much for your prayers for Israel.  They are needed and appreciated.

Today we heard firefighting planes flying back and forth over our home, as they flew to replenish their water supply in the Mediterranean.  We saw the largest firefighting plane in the world, as it was going back and forth to the Jerusalem area.

Tonight was our Bible study at the Center.  We looked at Luke 20:20-47.  The last 2 verses reminded us that we should not seek the approval of man nor the things of this world.  They are all temporal.  We should always have in our minds the Kingdom and seek to live a Kingdom life.

Every day, as we read the Word of G-d, there is something in it to teach us, refine us, and make us more fit for the Kingdom if we will just read and seek to obey G-d.  As we know, we are not saved by our works, but we should do good works because we are saved.