Alarming Anti-Semitism


In Eilat, Israel today.

Satan-fueled anti-Semitism continues to rise!  I was just reading today several different articles about current altercations/events involving this terrible evil.

Today, seven members of the Labour Party in England have quit the party, whose leader is the anti-semite Jeremy Corbyn.  A Jewish intellectual in Paris has been called terrible names by the “yellow vest” protesters.   Students at Oxford University are trying to have kosher meat prohibited.  Every aspect of life, in just about every country, is being touched by rising anti-Semitism.

One of the latest news stories is that Poland has pulled out of the Israel-European Summit.  Poland is pushing back against accurate claims that Poland has a history of anti-Semitism.

“The diplomatic crisis between Poland and Israel began during the Warsaw summit on the Middle East last Thursday (February 14), when Netanyahu appeared to push back against a Polish law that prohibits broad statements that the Poland as a state or as a nation, collaborated with the Nazis to kill Jews during World War II.  “Poles cooperated with the Germans” during the Holocaust, Netanyahu said.” [quote from the J.Post]

Yair Lapid is quoted as saying, “For four years the prime minister didn’t dare to say out loud that the reason the Poles helped the Nazis is because antisemitism was an integral part of Polish society.  This isn’t racism, but the painful historical truth.”

Much of the rhetoric which was being embraced now is the same as during the time leading up to the Holocaust.  We must not put our heads in the sand.  We must speak out against such evil.




Picture taken while I was out walking today. Can you believe the bee in the middle of the photo? It was sunny and 70 degrees F today!

Today was a very productive day. Baruch has been taping videos and also had to go to Tel Aviv. When we travel, he still wants to have {simulated} Livestreams and also the Genesis videos uploaded. So, he has to do extra taping when we are in Israel. He also taped 4 very short videos for Romanian Team. I uploaded those to our Facebook page.

Next week, we will be in Jerusalem and Eilat. Baruch will be helping a messianic leader from Romania to inspect a Torah scroll.

The taping of the two radio shows went very well. We are hoping these will become a regular show.

I have finally completed the tour brochure for our December 2-11 Study Tour of Israel. Once it has been posted on our website, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We are looking forward to another full group and hope that you can join us. December still has great weather in Israel. I know that many people do not want to tour around in the hot summer weather, so this would be a great tour for those who like it a little cooler.

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Big Day Tomorrow


Tomorrow Baruch will be interviewed for two radio programs which will be broadcast in the greater San Diego area.  Baruch will have an opportunity to talk about, sound Bible teaching and making people aware of us as a resource.  This is a great opportunity which was put together by our friend and team member Ronnie.  We are so thankful for Ronnie and his wife Nicki for their help and support for

This radio program will also introduce greater San Diego to our conference which will be held in the area soon.  We will be in the San Diego area for our conference on March 29-30.  It will be held at Calvary Chapel, 7525 El Cajon Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942

Our Marriage seminar in Israel will be held at our study center on February 27.  People have many questions about marriage, divorce, remarriage from a Biblical perspective.  We plan to take some of the information in this seminar which Baruch will be teaching in Hebrew and incorporate it into some Marriage Mondays videos on my Biblically Inspired Life YouTube channel.

Shabbat in Israel


A beautiful day in Israel today.

Today was a beautiful day in Israel.  The temperature reached about 65 degrees F.  I took the picture above during my walk.  You can see the Ashdod marina in the background.

We are very happy to be home for Shabbat and to make preparations for the day.  This week’s Torah reading is Terumah, from Exodus 25:1-27:19.  It relates the detailed instructions G-d gave to Moses concerning the construction of the tabernacle so that it could be readily dismantled, transported and reassembled as the people journeyed in the desert.

I am reminded that, while we may not understand the specific commandments of G-d and why He gave them to us, we are to obey them.  The precise directions for the tabernacle, the specifications for the sacrifices, the distinction between kosher and non-kosher animals, etc., may seem random to us, but they are given directly from the Living G-d to His creation.  Part of faith-building for me is to obey Scripture, whether I understand the why or not.

Shabbat Shalom!

More about VIA


With Ramona and Rei Abrudan, from VIA Church in Cluj, Romania.

This year’s conference at VIA was very successful.  As I mentioned, there was a family ski retreat the same weekend, but the sanctuary was still full.  It was an in-depth study of the book of Esther.


People had their Bibles out and were taking notes.

We appreciate and admire Rei’s leadership, not only at VIA, but throughout Romania, as he seeks to strengthen the believing community there.

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In Cluj, there are several universities, and the population there is very young.  Rei and Ramona have a desire to see these young people make a serious commitment to the L-rd. One of the young men, Sorin, takes the time to volunteer at VIA with their media outreach.  He was kind enough to come on short notice to tape the conference.


With Sorin.

Heading Home



With our Romania and Eastern Europe Team Leaders George and Anca Popa.


In the afternoon, we had the honor of going to the home of Adrian and Marinela Barac for tea.  We enjoyed the hospitality and conversation.  We were blessed by them very much.


Baruch with Adrian.

Last night, we had our final conference event at the church in Sebis.  Again, there was a very good turnout.  The balcony, as well as the main level, were both full.


We appreciate the warm welcome by Pastor Lucien, below with Baruch, and the entire congregation.  The church again provided us with a lovely dinner after the service.


We were so pleased that Pastor Lucien received and wore one of the LoveIsrael pins which George and Anca designed and had made.  They also gave them to other leaders, including the leader of the local Messianic congregation.  He, in turn, requested 50 for his congregation and friends.


The highlight of the evening was when we learned that 3 people accepted the L-rd last night!  Please pray for these individuals as the begin their new life in Messiah.

Lastly, I forgot to mention yesterday our friends Miodrag and Simona Scumpia.  Simona was kind enough to do an excellent job translating for Baruch.  They are shown on the far left and far right, below.



Romania Update


Beautiful scene in Moneasa, Romania.

Saturday and Sunday morning Baruch continued teaching our conference at VIA Church in Cluj.  The turnout was very good.  In fact, many people were gone on a ski retreat (it is vacation time for the schools) and there was still standing room only on Sunday morning.

This was the first event with our new team leaders George and Anca.  They had done much preparation for the events, including making Love Israel lapel pins, magnets and the roll-up, seen below with George.  George introduced to the people the newly instituted Foundation.  He has opened a Romanian-language website and Facebook page and has already made many contacts throughout the country.


Team Leader George Popa making a presentation at VIA Church in Cluj.

Saturday evening Baruch spoke at Manastur Baptist again.  There was a nice group there and we enjoyed spending some time with their new pastor and his wife, as well as some of our dear friends.

Monday morning we headed 4 hours away to Sebis, Romania.  The drive was lovely and we even spotted a castle along the way.

Last night, Baruch spoke at the Baptist Church in Sebis.  It was almost full, on a Monday night.  We appreciated the warm welcome.  They live-streamed the event and George and Anca told us that the livestream was shared by many people all over Facebook.  After the service, the church provided a lovely dinner for us and the leadership and worship team.

This afternoon, we will go to a leader’s home for tea and then we will go back to the congregation for a time of Bible questions for Baruch and then Baruch will teach his second message.  After that, Baruch and I will make the drive back to Cluj, and we will fly home Wednesday.

This trip has offered us the opportunity to meet with several leaders, friends and our new Team.  We are very excited about the future.  We are also finalizing our schedule for our conferences in Moldova later this year.